Joe Gorga Visits Teresa Giudice In Prison On 'RHONJ: Teresa Checks In' & Is Overcome With Emotion

I only know as much about prison as what I've picked up from watching Orange Is The New Black, so I’ve certainly been learning a lot while watching Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In , like how the whole visitation process works. According to Joe Giudice (Teresa’s husband) and Joe Gorga (Teresa’s brother), getting on a visitation list for a prison is really hard. Teresa's brother didn’t get his approval for six months, but in the third installment of RHONJ: Teresa Checks In, Joe Gorga finally got to visit Teresa in prison.

Though no cameras were allowed in the prison, Joe was clearly overcome with emotion both before and after his visit with his sister and her family. As previous seasons ofRHONJ have shown, Joe and Teresa’s relationship has been rocky, due to issues with Joe’s wife, Melissa, as well as a lot of other family issues, and he said as much on the show. But he also said that Teresa is still his sister, and it tears him apart to have to visit her in a federal prison. Joe plays cocky and mighty most of the time for the cameras, but getting a window into a humble part of his persona was really nice.

When Joe was able to visit Teresa in jail, I think that it really showed him what she was going through. There’s that adage that you don’t know what’s happening to someone until you walk a mile in their shoes, and Joe seeing the conditions under which Teresa is living was probably a wake up call for both of them to stop fighting and start loving each other. Joe has been helping to take care of Teresa’s family since she’s been in prison, and I think that he’ll continue to do so when Joe Giudice starts his jail sentence after Teresa is released. After all, your family is your family, and you always need each other in times of trouble.

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