Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Are Going On Tour

Touring with your BFF is a pretty sweet setup. (Just ask Ed Sheeran, who opened for Taylor Swift on her Red tour.) It's no surprise that Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are touring together. After all, they've worked together in the past, and this is primed to be their greatest collaboration yet.

Jonas himself confirmed the news to Elvis Duran (via E! News.) While details are still unfortunately scarce, the "Jealous" singer did joke, "I'm going to have two more costume changes than Demi." The production is titled the "Future Now Tour," and Jonas said the duo are "working hard to make the best tour possible."

Individually, Jonas and Lovato are both extremely talented. They're powerhouse singers with massive hits, but together? Yeah, they could pretty much take over the world. Their history proves that when these two forces combine, great things happen.

It started with the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, in which Lovato and the Jonas Brothers starred. Camp Rock had one of the most-watched DCOM premieres and even spawned a sequel. The Lovato/Jonas magic didn't end there, though. In 2014, Lovato said she and Jonas might start a band together. (Furthermore, it reportedly will be a folk collaboration.)

If that's not enough evidence for you that these two work well together, consider that earlier this year they announced Safehouse Records, their joint record label. Speaking of music, Lovato lent her vocals to Jonas' "Avalanche," which was naturally a duet of epic proportions. When it comes to tours, Jonas and Lovato's track record is pretty solid. After all, Jonas was the creative director of Lovato's Neon Lights Tour. Combining the two singers' creativity will only make the tour even better.

With such a long personal and professional history together, all signs point to the Lovato/Jonas tour being the ultimate musical experience for their fans. Fingers crossed we get some sort of "Confident"/"Jealous" mashup from the road.