Mary Is Pregnant On 'The Leftovers' But Don't Send Matt Jamison A Cigar Just Yet

The fifth episode of The Leftovers' second season was titled "No Room At The Inn." Just in case that biblical reference was unclear to anyone, this was another hour that focused entirely on the trials and tribulations of Reverend Matt Jamison, just like Season 1's "Two Boats And A Helicopter" — arguably one of last year's strongest installments, alongside the Nora-focused "Guest." But this time, it wasn't Matt that provided the episode's biggest jolt, but his wife, Mary, who has been in a coma ever since a car accident at the moment of the Sudden Departure. In this Sunday's episode, Matt learned that Mary is pregnant... but that just might be the worst possible news for the beleaguered preacher man.

How does a woman in a coma become pregnant, you ask? Fair question, since that's what just about everyone in Matt's life wants to know, from Mary's doctor to John Murphy. Last week, viewers learned that — according to Matt, at least — Mary had woken up on their first night in Jarden. She was just like her normal self... until they fell asleep and she was comatose again when Matt woke up. This is the reason Matt is so certain of the miraculous properties of Miracle National Park. But what he didn't tell Nora, or anyone else, was that he and Mary made love while she was awake; and when he took her for a brain scan, the doctors discovered that their comatose patient was inexplicably pregnant.


Now, before you cut the cake and hand Matt a cigar, let's all recognize that this is terrible news for a couple of reasons. First, with no one to corroborate Matt's story that Mary "woke up," most people are inclined to assume the worst: that Mary, who is unable to give consent in her present state, was raped by her husband. And Matt would have a hard time proving that he didn't in a court of law. Secondly, given Mary's condition and age, it's unlikely that the child will survive to term anyway, as the doctor helpfully points out. Her chances of miscarriage are 90%, which means Matt may be getting his hopes up for nothing.

By the end of the episode, Matt succeeds in getting Mary back into Miracle despite some rather major hiccups along the way. But will that be enough to reawaken her and save their baby? Is Miracle actually miraculous, or did Matt suffer some sort of hallucinatory wishful thinking? Even if Miracle was miraculous, did its protective powers fade away with the draining of the lake water? Remember, at the same moment that water vanished, so did Evie and her friends. Without whatever mystical properties it appeared to possess, Jarden may just be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill town — unable to heal the injured, save the weak... or stop another Sudden Departure from occurring.

Matt has a lot of faith in Miracle; hopefully that faith won't prove to be sorely misplaced.

Images: Ryan Green/HBO