You're Going To Need To See 'Crimson Peak' Again

Crimson Peak may be the sexiest ghost story ever brought to the big screen — thanks, in no small part, to Tom Hiddleston. Guillermo del Toro's movie is about an aspiring writer, Edith (Mia Wasikowska), who marries a mysterious stranger, Thomas Sharpe (Hiddleston). When she arrives in her husband's home, however, she realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew. The Sharpe mansion is decaying, sitting isolated on top of a mountain of red clay. Oh, and it's also haunted. Not really the honeymoon hideaway every girl dreams of. That said, it sure makes for a fun movie. And fans who have already seen the movie in theaters are probably already wondering, when will Crimson Peak come to Netflix?

Crimson Peak is currently enjoying its time at the box office — it was released on Oct. 16 in the US — and is slowly making its way across the globe with international releases scheduled until January of 2016. As the buzz surrounding Crimson Peak grows, it's unlikely that the movie will be on the fast track for a DVD release. In fact, no DVD release date has been set for Crimson Peak, but it isn't expected to hit the shelves until sometime in 2016. Without a set DVD release date, it's impossible to tell when Crimson Peak will be available to rent via Netflix DVD, let alone be available to stream on Netflix Instant Watch.

Crimson Peak director del Toro has a few films currently streaming on Netflix, including Hellboy and Mimic, so it's likely Crimson Peak will end up on the streaming site. That said, just because it will likely end up streaming on Netflix doesn't mean it's going to get there soon. A lot of movies don't end up on Netflix until about a year after their initial DVD release. Speaking realistically, you won't see Crimson Peak on your Netflix Browsing page until 2017. But, as with anything in the movie business, what happens next for Crimson Peak will likely depend on its box office run. The movie has yet to make back its budget — an estimated $55 million — meaning that studios could depend on DVD revenue to help make money on the film.

There's a lot that goes into bringing a movie to Netflix streaming that I may never understand, but one thing is clear: I want Crimson Peak on Netflix as soon as possible.

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