Scarlett's Fate Might Be Sealed On 'AHS'

The Lowe family is now split 50/50 as for who's a human, and who's a vampire. John and Scarlett are both still 100 percent human. As for Alex and Holden, they're both now vampires. Holden went first, as we know, and in "Devil's Night," Alex followed him to the other side so they could be together forever. Seeing as how John seems completely detached from the family and completely consumed with his case against Hotel Cortez right now, could Alex turn Scarlett into a vampire, too? Right now, it seems likely.

Because yeah, it is kinda weird that Alex would be totally cool and OK to simply leave Scarlett behind in favor of only being with Holden forever. Scarlett is her child, too! And maybe Alex and Scarlett never had the same bond as she and Holden, but come on, Alex. You're not supposed to play favorites with your children.

With that being said, I bet it's not all that fun to actually turn into one of these vampires with the "blood virus." Alex now knows this firsthand. One of her children has already suffered this fate. Maybe Alex will think twice before making Scarlett drink some of The Countess' blood. It seems like a weird fate to decide for a child. Part of me feels like Alex would want Scarlett to grow up far away from the horrors inside Cortez.

But then again, the only person her daughter has left now is John. John is not proving himself to be father of the year right now. If deciding between immortality at Hotel Cortez, of being raised by absent-father John, Alex might choose the former. In the end, she's still only going to want the best for her daughter. Even if it means a blood-sucking fate.

Image: Frank Ockenfels, Screengrab/FX