'RHOC' Might Lose The OG Of The O.C.

We might not be woo-hooing it up anymore if there is any truth to the rumors of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 cast. Season 10 was a volatile season for OG of the O.C., Vicki Gunvalson, who has been on RHOC since Season 1. She spent the entire season fielding an ongoing investigation into her boyfriend at the time Brooks' cancer diagnosis... from the other women. Both Vicki and Brooks have maintained that he does have cancer, no matter what the other ladies may think. To say things got ugly on Season 10 would be an understatement, so it isn't insane to wonder who would return to Season 11 of RHOC .

The season began with Vicki's love tank full and revving up for another season with her boyfriend Brooks. Shannon and Tamra's faith in Vicki and Brooks started fading as Meghan King Edmonds started looking into the authenticity of Brooks' cancer diagnosis. Now, there is a rumor that the Housewives want Vicki off the show. The rumors aren't exactly the most reliable, so don't start freaking out yet, but I wouldn't blame her if she needed a break after this season.

Since the first episode of the entire Real Housewives series, Vicki has been there. A Real Housewives show without Vicki would be like a Christmas with no Santa. A Halloween with no Hocus Pocus. An episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show without Degeneres herself.

There are some pros and cons to Vicki leaving the series. Let's examine what the result of losing Vicki from RHOC could mean for the show.

Pro: No More Cancer Talk

Enough was enough for me on Season 10's cancer talk. The entire season revolved around this one plot line, and it became exhausting and offensive.

Con: No More Woo-Hoos

If we lose Vicki, we lose "woo-hoo," which would be, in a word, tragic.

Pro: Vicki And Briana Could Work On Their Relationship Privately

If Vicki leaves Housewives, she and Briana (her daughter) might get time to work out their issues behind closed doors. Plus, Vicki has been through a lot in the last year (with her break-up with Brooks, her mother's passing, her relationship with Briana) that it might be best for her if she takes some time away.

Con: Who Would Stick Their Foot In Their Mouth?

Vicki is notorious for sticking her foot in her mouth. For example, during the RHOC reunion, Heather revealed that Vicki mentioned Tamra's custody battle as a dig during the sex-themed CUT Fitness party Eddie and Tamra hosted. It was a mean comment that Vicki had to do some major back-tracking on, which is kind of the reason we love Vicki, right?

Pro: Someone New Could Join

Vicki's departure could welcome a new housewife to the cast, which is exciting because... fresh blood.

Con: We Lose A Legend

No matter what, Real Housewives blood runs through Vicki's veins. If we lose her, we lose a piece of the franchise. I don't know if the world is ready for that type of loss.

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