Jake's Wife Might Actually Take Rowan Down

Ever since Scandal introduced the idea that Jake was actually married earlier this season, my head has been spinning. Since the first day we met him, he's been all about Olivia, but it was obvious that there were dark things looming in his past. One of those things, apparently, was his wife, Elise, who he thought was dead, and even though they were basically married for a spy mission, they definitely have some serious chemistry going on there. And now that she's back, she's here with a big message. Elise was sent by Lazarus to kill Rowan, and... that's all the information she has. Or so she says.

It all started when Elise appeared suddenly in Jake's apartment and filled him in on what's going on — well, kind of. She's in the US to do what so many people (including Queen Olivia Pope) have failed to do: take down Rowan once and for all. The people behind Lazarus have hired her to help take out their enemies, and Rowan is enemy number one, which should surprise exactly no one... especially if Mama Pope is involved. So Elise has been visiting him in prison, as you do when you're about to kill someone who's currently incarcerated.

And homegirl's not wrong when she says the world would be a better place without Rowan in it. Hell, fictional D.C. would be a better place, anyway.

Unfortunately, even though Elise has been sent to the US by Lazarus, she doesn't know anything about them that we don't already know — that is, if she's telling the truth. And apparently, her mission was unsuccessful, because it's not long before Rowan's on the phone with Olivia, calling from the hospital to tell her he's been attacked. And I know I am not the only person who felt like getting up from the couch and applauding when she hung up the phone on him. Go, Olivia!

Here's hoping Elise's attempt at killing Rowan actually works the second time around. As good for drama as he is, I'd love to see someone finally take Rowan down.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC, Giphy