Channel Miranda Kerr's White Swan For Halloween

One of my favorite Halloween pastimes is seeing what costumes celebrities come up with, and this year Miranda Kerr as the White Swan has won me over. In the past, I've kept my eye on Heidi Klum, who is known for teasing her elaborate costumes weeks in advance. But sometimes scrolling through Klum's past costumes is as depressing as it is inspiring, because although her costumes are magnificent, they do require the collaborative effort of an entire creative team. But this year I sought out inspiration from other celebrities, and discovered that Kerr also enjoys dressing up for Halloween.

There is a key difference between Kerr and Klum's approach to costuming. In contrast to Klum, whose costumes take weeks to create, Kerr is the ultimate inspiration for those of us who are in desperate need of a quick and simple costume to wear to that Halloween party in, oh, three hours. Looking back at Kerr's costumes throughout the years, she tends to favor simple, glamorous looks that don't require prosthetics, advanced makeup techniques, or elaborate props.

As a matter of fact, her White Swan costume is the most difficult costume of hers to reproduce, and even then it would only require a white leotard, a tutu, stockings, a headband, and about five pounds of rhinestones. Just take a look at her as the White Swan and her friend as the Black Swan.

The two not only look fantastic, but it seems they had a blast at the party, too.

Let's look through her past looks for some much-needed lazy girl inspiration.

Casual Cat

Kerr wore this classic cat makeup to take her son trick-or-treating. All you'd need to replicate it is black liner, red lipstick, a bow tie, and a headband with cat ears. Easy.

Marilyn Monroe From The Seven Year Itch

Kerr channeled the iconic Monroe earlier this week. While this getup is a little more complicated than her kitty costume, we've already got you covered.


Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kerr channels her training as a Professionally Beautiful Person (aka a Victoria's Secret Angel) as a racy circus ringmaster. Replicate it with a white leotard, fishnet leggings, a shrunken tux jacket, and a top hat.

There you have it: four quick and easy costume ideas courtesy of Ms. Kerr. Now go celebrate!

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