Gigi Hadid's Black Ballet Bodysuit Look Is So Chic

Ballet chic could be a thing or a trend on the horizon. It has nothing to do with topknots or timeless ballet flats and everything to do with bodysuits and leotards. Model Gigi Hadid wore a black bodysuit and ballet shoes while exercising. The model, who broke down in tears of joy when she nailed her Victoria's Secret fashion show audition, posted a photo while wearing a sheer, head-to-toe black outfit that looked like a giant leotard. It was utterly gorgeous on her.

It was super refreshing to see a chic and body-hugging "onesie" look like this, as opposed to the plush, animal onesies favored by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. Those are cute and all, but they are a tad impractical. You can't wear those to the grocery store without raising more than a few eyebrows. Actually, Grande rocked her unicorn onesie at the airport and with heels, so anything is possible with onesies.

However, if you are totally loving how simple and chic Hadid's exercise outfit is, you can copy it and convert it into a street style outfit that can be worn to run errands or for late-morning tea with a friend.

You'd just have to make a few accessories and styling tweaks, but it's easy to make it work. I promise.

First, let's look at the gorgeous Hadid in her ballet bodysuit and leotard.

The model looks like she is a superheroine. It's a base on which she could add a cape, boots, cuffs, whatever! There is just something to elegant about her look here. It can be copied and worn outside of a ballet studio or gym.

This black bodysuit, with the open ladder back, is the ultimate in glam street style. It's also a good option for warmer climates. ($13,

This longer sleeved, striped and sheer back bodysuit is perfect for cooler temps. It will keep warmth in, without sacrificing style. ($33,

These space dye, black and grey, and cozy leggings with stirrups would make your ballet street style outfit a little edgier. They are a bit pricey, but can been worn in a variety of ways and with other, warm and fuzzy pieces already in your closet. ($168,

A basic pair of black leggings would work just fine, as well. ($9,

Now, you can toughen this outfit up a bit with a pair of combat boots, like Steve Madden's Troopa 2-0. ($90,

Or you could stay sweet and ladylike by adding a pair of black ballet flats, like this stretchy and delicate Mossimo pair. ($11-$17,

Finish the look with a faux leather jacket, which keeps the overall presentation sexy and seasonal. A cropped and textured moto is always a "yes" and can be worn with tons of other looks. ($53,

The same can be said for this faux fur-trimmed and bottom belt version. It goes with everything. ($48,

There you go. You can take Gigi Hadid's chic and ladylike, ballet-inspo workout gear and turn it into a viable street style outfit.

Images: Courtesy Brands (8)