Watch 100 Years Of Male Beauty In Two Minutes

The latest episode of the popular video series "100 Years of Beauty" shows how American male grooming has evolved through dramatic changes in hairstyles and facial hair. Much like previous installments, the 12th episode of the series takes viewers back in time to examine the standard of male beauty in the last 100 years. The video was also released just in time for Movember.

With the help of a team of stylists, model Samuel Orson transforms into the personification of the ideal male look from every decade of the last century, starting with the 1910s and its handlebar mustache, to the omnipresent man bun trend of the 2010s. Along the way are some historically recognizable styles from the turn of the century, to the Golden Age of Hollywood, to the Woodstock, '80s New Wave, and grunge eras.

This is entirely a personal preference, but the best look from this century of American male grooming would have to be from the 1940s (or maybe it's the way that Orson is working that sailor hat). The Rebel Without A Cause pompadour style from the '50s is a close second, followed by the spiky boy band hair that was popular in the 2000s.

Here's a peek at the '70s.

And then a glance at the controversial man bun in the 2010s.

Watch the latest episode of "100 Years of Beauty" dedicated to American male grooming below. What's your favorite decade?

Image: YouTube (4)