Kendall Jenner Gave The Top Knot A Trendy Makeover

You might think that Kylie Jenner is the hair queen of her family, but her sister is giving her a run for her money with this look. Kendall Jenner modernized the top knot for one high-fashion birthday hairstyle that joined laid-back and formal together in one look. The reality star may have just turned 20, but it's safe to say that her sense of style is way beyond her years.

While the world was focused on her sister's baby bangs, Jenner was busy making a hair statement of her own. At her 20th birthday party, the model posed in a photo-booth with her sisters and completely stole the show. With her hair arranged in a cross between a top knot and a messy bun, Jenner looked like she had just come off the runway. Sure, the entire A-list gang is always looking on-point, but the birthday girl's top knot really stood out among the rest.

If I was to wear this hairdo, I'd for sure get a few awkward stares, but somehow the star manages to pull it off with ease. Styled with a black choker necklace and black shirt with a plunging neckline, Jenner's version of a top knot is the perfect way to make the messy/cool hair trend feel night-out appropriate. I think it's safe to say that we all have those days where we want our locks tied back and out our faces, and this is the perfect way to do so while still looking stylish.

Messy and disheveled is an easy vibe to land. As Jenner shows, you can make a top knot work for even the most formal occasions, and, when done right, it can make a lasting impression.

Looking to jazz up your top knot like Jenner did? Get some inspiration from these tutorials.

1. Braided Bun

If you're in love with the top knot but looking for something different, this is the style for you.

2. Parisian Top Knot

This one's a fun and messy take.

3. Vintage Locks

Because sometimes the best way to modernize a hair trend is by channeling a vintage look.

4. Disheveled 'Do

This is a very literal interpretation of the "knot" part of "top knot."

5. Messy Meets Polished

This style is a quick and easy fix for the on-the-go girl.

6. Faux-Bangs Bun

Transform you hair into something completely new by adding your own faux bangs.

7. Braided Tweak

What better way to tweak the top knot than with a braid?

It doesn't get simpler than this!

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