Kate Spade's Latest Short Film Is Too Cute

Kate Spade's holiday campaigns are beyond fun and festive. The New York-based fashion house released its latest Kate Spade #MissAdventure video, starring Zosia Mamet and Anna Kendrick and titled "Joy Ride." The short film is entertaining, fun, and great at showing off the brand's adorable clothes and accessories.

Kate Spade released its print holiday campaign about two weeks ago, which stars Karlie Kloss along with other fascinating and beautiful society people all decked out in gorgeous, festive designs. The cast of characters depict common holiday season scenarios, from shopping with friends to taking family photos to even sipping some strong champagne. The latest #MissAdventure video falls under quite a similar theme, and is about as fun as an ad campaign can possibly be.

The short film series, which debuted this time last year, follows Kendrick and Milos the dog on their various, well, misadventures. Directed by Mari Heller of The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, "Joy Ride" is perhaps my favorite installment. Kendrick and Mamet make a perfect pair of unexpected friends, wittily bantering as they rock sequined, embellished, and polka-dotted items within the Kate Spade holiday collection.

Let's watch it, shall we?

If you have a Grinch in your life, don't hesitate to show them this video. It sums up the best of the holidays in just a few minutes: spontaneity, friends and loved ones, appreciating the little things, and of course, getting dressed up in your holiday best. I won't tell if you end up watching it multiple times (because that's totally what I did).

To honor this adorable short film — and to pad to our holiday wishlists with some cute clothes — here are the most stylish moments in the video. Kendrick, Mamet, and Kate Spade know how to do holiday style right.

1. A Studded Bag

The handbag Kendrick has in the crook of her elbow is beyond gorgeous. The gold studs give it a nice edge when paired with the candy pink color of the leather. And how cute is that embellished bow?

2. A Metallic Jacket

The metallic embroidered jacket Mamet wears is breathtakingly beautiful. Imagine walking down the street with snow slowly falling on your shoulders while wearing this gorgeous coat? Tell me that isn't a scene you would want to live!

3. A Polka Dot Dress

Polka dots aren't just for your 2-year-old niece. Kate Spade is known for making whimsical, gorgeous polka dot pieces, and this dress is definitely one of them.

4. Minauderies

Or, as Kendrick and Mamet call them in the film, "Prezzies." Are they gifts? Or are they purses? Either way, they're totally chic.

5. That Dr. Zhivago Thing

A fur stole may be a thing of the past, but Mamet and Kendrick sure do know how to make this one work in 2015. It gives way to one of my favorite lines in the short: "Like we would be close, but I would still be kind of cruel." You tell 'em, Mamet.

6. Sparkly Sunglasses

The sun may not be as strong in the winter as it is in the summer, but a pair of stylish sunglasses will keep your eyes protected year-round. Or they'll be the perfect disguise if you ever do decide to hijack a taxi.

7. Milos The Dog

And finally, Milos. Because let's be real, what's more stylish than holding a puppy?

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Images: Kate Spade New York/Screenshots