13 +Size Statement Coats To Turn All The Heads

Two winters ago, I went to a department store in my hometown in search of some plus size statement coats. I was browsing the racks when the salesperson came up to me and offered to show me a few different options. After I turned down about five of them, I went into more detail about what I was looking for: Something that was either bright, bold, or downright weird. She scurried away and came back with what was likely the biggest "statement" in the section: A beige trench coat with an oversized, jewel-encrusted buckle. Yeah...

I have no doubt that the saleswoman was a lovely human, but she wasn't magical. She couldn't offer me a garment that just didn't exist. After all, plus size women were supposed to try to blend in, right? They shouldn't actually go out of their way to draw attention, because then (gasp) someone might notice them. All plus size garments should be neutral and subdued, especially outerwear, which is what people will see first. Right?

Wrong. Thankfully, many brands seem to have gotten the hint since then. This last year alone has seen many blessings in the plus size statement outwear department, and I've scoured for some of the best from the 2015 A/W season. Check out 13 incredible pieces below.

1. Two Tone

Studio Two Tone Boucle Coat, $213.90, Check it Out

Many of us have seen the ombre outerwear trend before, but this stark two-tone coat is a fresh and interesting take on the look. Plus, with these two colors combined into one coat, you can basically pair it with any clothes, accessories, and shoes that you want.

2. Bright And Cheery

Longline Jacket, $49.95, Check it Out

A bright pop of color will definitely turn heads during the time of year when sunlight is in short supply. I love how the fabric of this coat is completely smooth, totally unapologetic in its blinding poppy shade.

3. All Laced Up

ASOS Curve Exclusive Premium Lace Jacket, $99, Check it Out

Alright, so it might not be warm, but this jacket is definitely worth shivering for (or wearing on the warmer days of autumn). I haven't seen anything similar from other brands, so this lace bomber might be the statement outerwear anomaly we never knew we wanted.

4. Patterned Monochrome

Peter Luft All Over Printer Wool Blend Coat, $275.90, Check it Out

I absolutely love the pattern on this coat, and the fact that it buttons slightly left-of-center. The luxe wool will keep you warm all winter long, while the fabric will inspire you to find just the right loud scarf for the ultimate print-mixing combination.

5. Sequined Luxe Athleisure

Sequin Bomber Jacket, $152, Check it Out

Plus size blogger Callie Thorpe recently showed off this look on her blog From The Corners Of The Curve, and it's definitely a make-them-stare situation. I love her idea of wearing this jacket for a laid back look at a holiday party — and I also love the thought of combining it with a ripped pair of light wash boyfriend jeans and sneakers.

6. Muted Plaid

Plus Size Belted Plaid Coat, $42.90, Check it Out

This reminds me of a particularly lush coat from Navabi that I saw on British blogger Bethany Rutter of Arched Eyebrow, and it's a fraction of the price. A coat like this is definitely indicative of the personal style of the wearer: Chic, unafraid to do something different, and committed to coziness.

7. Vintage Floral

Joe Browns Floral Nights Coat, $164, Check it Out

This one's for those plus size outerwear enthusiasts who like to go a little bit old-fashioned with their style. This coat is amazing, and the vintage-inspired floral makes for an entire look, all on its own.

8. Collared Minimalist

Half-Sleeve Cocoon Coat, $42, Check it Out

It might seem like there's nothing statement-worthy about minimalism, but there's something about the silhouette of this jacket that screams "style me." The most notable aspect is arguably the severe, futuristic collar. Imagine how stellar this would look paired with a chunky boot and over a winter flannel, overalls, and a massive pair of statement earrings.

9. Punk Plaid

Check Cocoon Coat, $129.99, Check it Out

The brightly contrasting zippers give this otherwise demure coat a punky edge, and it's the kind of statement coat for those who want to venture out of their comfort zones for the first time. It's not black or brown, and it even has an unexpected detail.

10. Oversized Superspy

Longline Textured Dolman Coat, $59.90, Check it Out

I'm a fan of oversized everything, and this jacket will definitely make its way to my closet. While I love the idea of throwing it on for a lazy brunch, I'm also intrigued by the thought of dressing it up and adding a fur scarf to the mix.

11. Fringed Layer

Suede Vest In Patchwork With Fringing, $99, Check it Out

Sure, it's not a coat. But vests count as jackets, right? This one clearly makes a massive statement, and it would look like a dream over your favorite leather moto or bomber. Bonus: It's right in step with this season's '70s trend.

12. Sheer Toughness

Chiffon Layered Moto, $29.90, Check it Out

Why have a moto when you can have a moto with a sheer panel? This is great for people who like their coats to be a little bit longer, but it doesn't cover up the (obviously fantastic) outfit you have on underneath. Plus, you can't really argue with that price point.

13. Crushed Fur

Crushed Fur Coat, $132.50, C heck it Out

Be still my heart: A crushed fur in an interesting color that will immediately ramp of the stakes of any outfit? This coat makes my favorite kind of statement: Subtle at first, but then it hits you like a ton of bricks once you realize how fabulous it is.

These statement outerwear pieces are proof that we've come a long way from the jewel-encrusted trench belt buckles of yesteryear. May they keep you plus size women warm, gorgeous, and magnificently startling to look at all winter long.

Images: Courtesy Brands