J.K. Rowling Reveals Her Favorite Sirius Fan Art

Every time I think I'm in a good place re: accepting the Marauders' untimely demises, somebody turns right back around and crane kicks me back into Too Many Feelings Land. This time it came from none other than J.K. Rowling herself, who tweeted her favorite piece of Sirius fan art and emotionally finished me before I even managed to get my hands on a cup of coffee this morning. (Are tears a good substitute for creamer? DON'T LOOK AT ME.)

I mean, at this point I should have pretty thick skin when it comes to Harry Potter fan art and the inner turmoil it causes. I will admit that I am a shameless, diehard Marauders fan, a phenomenon I cannot even begin to explain, seeing as they were written as their school age selves in only about .00006 percent of the books (and even then, only in memory). But I dig it, guys. I dig that prequel life, and I know that J.K. Rowling has her eyes set on the future with the recently released plot of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , but OH how I long for a Marauders prequel. Take my left arm. Take my kidney. Take my first born. And in the meantime, keep me alive with a steady stream of fan art, like this piece that J.K. Rowling is obsessed with:

To explain why yesterday was "a very good day," Rowling recently announced that November 3 is Sirius's birthday. (If you want to read all about why that is excruciatingly heartbreaking, look no further than the day Lily and James Potter died.)

Here is the fan art that Rowling referenced, which she retweeted from artist Aïcha Wijland:

I would like to take a moment between my melodramatic office sobbing to point out that this is quite possibly the best Marauders-era Twitter screen name of all time, and the rest of us can just go home. (Well, James and Sirius can't. BECAUSE THEY'RE DEAD.)

In case you've still managed to stay standing with your tray in an upright position, here are a few other Marauders #TBTs that will get your feelings flowing.

Aaaaand to go ahead and finish you off:

R.I.P., all of us.

Images: Warner Bros Pictures