7 Times Coco Rocha's Daughter Ioni Was The Most Stylish Baby Around — PHOTO

If there’s a baby worthy of being envious of, it’s definitely this one. Coco Rocha once tweeted she felt upstaged by her own daughter's style, because Ioni Conran is just that trendy, even as an infant. But, hey, you can’t blame her — her mom’s a model, after all. What’s a fashionable tot to do, you know?

She’s already been a fashion month attendee and now she’s out-dressing her own mom (just kidding, Rocha is still as stylish as they come), so what will this little girl do next? Become more and more enviable, that’s what. In a snap of Rocha and her daughter from awhile back, Ioni is wearing a black fur cape with white socks little tiny boots and was, admittedly, absolutely adorable. Rocha wore white and black also because if you can’t wear your baby’s clothes, you’ve got to at least try and match, you know? The pair are smiling and look great. And together, they make quite the fashionable duo.

This isn’t the first time that Ioni’s wardrobe has been absolutely amazing, nor will it be the last. There are plenty of times that I see her on Instagram and think, I wish that came in my size. You’ll see what I mean once you take a look at the outfit I was describing, along with seven other times she’s been the most stylish baby around.

She does look awfully cute in this OOTD from November.

1. Horizontal Stripes

She wears horizontal stripes like a pro.

2. Woke Up Like That

I wish I woke up looking that good.

3. Stylish Interview

Oh, you know, just stylishly high-jacking the interview.

4. Private Jet Lifestyle

She already knows how to charter a plane while looking super chic.

5. Pretty In Pink

Stop it! Her tiny overcoat is just too sweet.

6. Loungin'

She even relaxes in style.

7. Ooh La La

Here she is — the most fashionable baby in all of Paris.

Just another day in the life of Ioni Conran.