11 Tattoos For Virgos That'll Eliminate Any Ink Skepticism — PHOTOS

Virgos are rather particular creatures, and when it comes to tattoos for Virgos, folks are bound to be a little fussy. As a Virgoan woman myself, I can attest to this. I personally don't have any tattoos. The reason behind this is because I cannot make up my mind on a design I would like to have on my body forever. Of course, my decision also has something to do with the fact that many tattoos are not entirely perfect. I would drive myself insane if everyday I was to wake up with an illustration on my skin that was a nanometer out of line. Plus, my interests may change and then I would be stuck with a design on my body that I wasn't fond of anymore. This, too, would drive me mad.

Don't get me wrong, though. I love tattoos on other people and I think they are a wonderful, creative expression of oneself. So if I were to ever bite the bullet and get a tattoo, I'd probably get one that called to mind my sign. After all, Virgos are said to be analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise, so that's got to lend itself to some inky inspiration, right?

1. The Classic Constellation

The design on the right includes the simplistic yet ethereal Virgo constellation that will leave astrology fans starry eyed.

2. The Perfect Pointillism Tattoo

If you look at this infinitely intriguing tattoo, it could send you dotty. I love how never-endingly perfect it is, and the completeness of this tattoo will allow Virgos to sleep easy at night, what with their penchant for precision and all.

3. The Subtle Symbol

Some Virgos can come across as shy and may like to keep their personal lives private. This subtle design featuring the Virgo glyph placed neatly on the neck is a lovely choice for a Virgo babe.

4. The Beautiful Virgo Woman

This creative tattoo features a maiden, which is the key symbol associated with Virgos. This lady is also wearing a moon hair clip that could be a very clever reference to those whose moon is in Virgo.

5. The Magical Tattoo

This pretty ómbre design fades from black to red and has an adorable wing added to the design. It gives this tattoo a heavenly, magical vibe.

6. The Wheat Sheaf Symbolism

Just to reiterate, the Virgo's symbol is a maiden, and she is often carrying a "sheaf of wisdom" to represent the harvest in the late summer (when Virgos are born). This wheat sheaf tattoo would be a great choice for Virgos who are looking for something a little more unusual.

7. The Whimsical Wonder

Bringing together what appears to be the Virgo constellation and some cartoon style stars, this tattoo works wonders for the Virgo. Like Virgos are said to be, it is quite modest.

8. The Sapphire Tattoo

The sapphire is Virgo's birthstone and this beautifully feminine tattoo showcases the stunning precious stone within a crown-like design.

9. The Dreamy Design

This detailed design featuring a dreamcatcher with the Virgoan glyph in the middle is really intriguing. It encompasses many elements of the sign, from the feminine flowers to the mysterious dreamcatcher to the yin and yang and infinity symbols. While a dreamcatcher may not have meaning for everyone, this tattoo proves that you can easily incorporate Virgoan symbolism into a highly personal tat.

10. The Mother Nature Tattoo

Virgos are said to have an affinity with nature, likely because Virgo is an earth element. With this in mind, a Mother Nature inspired tattoo seems highly appropriate for all of the green-hearted Virgos out there.

11. The Music Lover's Design

This design would be perfect for any creative Virgoan musicians or music lovers. I like the way the note has a subtle heart at the bottom, which adds a feminine aura to the overall design.

Yep, I might just lose my tattoo virginity and take inspiration from these Virgo inspired designs. You only live once, right?

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Image: pyxopotamus/Flickr