20 Gifts For Guys That Won't Break The Bank

by Kevin Trester

The holiday season is in full swing, folks. Like most people with a soul, I can't wait to dust off my Mariah Carey Christmas album and drink peppermint mochas in the form of an IV drip. But let's not forget the daunting task of gift-giving. Whether it's your strictly platonic friend from college or your sister's football-loving boyfriend, you'll need to buy some cheap gifts for guys this year. Problem is, you have no idea where to start.

As a card-carrying dude (and member of the human race), I am forever guilty of waiting until the last minute to start on my shopping. When I finally muster the courage to journey to the local mall, the whole experience is fraught with frustration and tears. If you wanna inexpensively flex your gifting muscles, but you can't even with leaving the house, what's there to do?

Because I like you, I've rounded up some diverse and affordable gifts for all the lucky fellas on your list. This leaves you free to crank up the Mariah, freak out about the return of the Holiday Starbucks cups, and lock yourself in your bedroom until the gift-giving is complete. Godspeed!

1. Party Like A (Extremely Responsible) Rockstar

Drinking Game Coasters, $15, Check Them Out

Tired of watching your PBR-chugging brother destroy your coffee table because he refuses to use a freakin' coaster? This holiday season, throw him a set of these kitschy drink accessories that detail the most notorious of chugging challenges. Then, casually remind him that you were and will always be the flip cup queen.

2. Pace Yourself & Buy A Bottle Stopper

Garra Bottlestopper , $40, Check It Out

I let out a shameless, Matthew McConaughey-style "whoa" when I stumbled across this Garra bottle stopper, composed of semi-precious agate and glass. Sure, some of us finish a full bottle during one Thursday night trip to Shondaland. But for your sophisticated dude co-worker whose housewarming party is quickly approaching, this little token is a useful trinket.

3. Beanies For Days

TOPO Pom Beanie , $18,

So your angsty teenage cousin is your Secret Santa. Don't be intimidated by his impressive Instagram following! Instead, score some cool cuz points by gifting this soft Pom beanie. Who knows? Maybe he'll snap a Valencia-filtered photo for Instagram AND tag you in it.

4. Bring His Cocktail Game To The Prairie

Mason Shaker , $29, Check It Out

Cosmopolitan chic meets Southern charm in this mason jar shaker that features a stainless steel spout and classic glass construction. It's the perfect hybrid of James Bond and Blake Shelton, which makes it a perfectly affordable gift solution for the cocktail aficionado in your life. Bottoms up, ya'll.

5. The Beard Necessities

Burroughs Beard Oil , $30,

No-shave November is upon us, and fellas across the globe are in the process of reincarnating Jon Snow in the form of scruff. Guide these amateur lumberjacks with Burroughs beard oil. It moisturizes surface skin and conditions hair follicles, while exuding an earthly fragrance. But seriously, what is Jon Snow's deal?

6. Step Up His Portable Drink Game

Sunrise Travel Cup , $25,

This is for the one who got away. Meaning, he moved to Thailand and now Instagrams his extremely cool life while you drool at your office desk. Before he packs up for another excursion, send him this nifty, collapsible travel cup composed of stainless steel. You're not jealous; you're happy for him. You swear.

7. Eradicate Warm Beer For Life

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller , $29, Check It Out

Does your sister have a boyfriend with whom she is smitten, but you barely know the kid and still feel inclined to get him a gift? Perfect! Feast your eyes on this two pack of corkcicles. Simply freeze it, insert into a long neck beer bottle, and shazam: cold brews.

8. Help Consolidate All His Essentials

iPhone 6/6S Wallet Case , $19,

Does he have a phone? Does he have at least one dollar bill? Does he need to get his stuff organized? If all questions are yeses, go for a phone case/wallet. This faux-leather one is constructed for the iPhone 6/6S and has a three-card holder plus a cash pocket. It's an easy and practical gift for virtually any dude.

9. Bring Back Baseball Season

Wool Monogram Six Panel Hat , $18,

Just because baseball season has come to a close, doesn't mean your sports-loving boyfriend won't love a baseball cap. Finished with a leather logo front panel and a textured navy body, this cap brings the ballpark spirit while saving you a ton of cheddar on stadium tickets.

10. Play To His Sweet Tooth

Drinking Chocolate In "Original Dark ," $13,

If any gift ideas fall through, grab some food and don't look back. This drinking chocolate is rich, indulgent, and sure to warm the chilly core of any dude (or person, for that matter).

11. Make Sure He Never Loses A Charge

Micro USB Nomad Key , $20,

The Micro USB Nomadkey can charge any smartphone while sneakily resembling a regular set of house keys. It's a perfect addition to your dad's noisy janitor ring of keys that he proudly affixes to his khakis.

12. Chill With El Heisenberg-o

Heisenberg Tee , $20,

For your platonic male BFF who wishes he were as badass as Walter White comes the Heisenberg shirt. This vibrant red tee features the infamous doodle of everyone's favorite chemistry teacher-turned-meth kingpin. SUCH an anti-hero.

13. Make Brown-Bagging Super Easy

Put Some Hair On Your Chest Flask , $15,

It would be nice to kiss up to your boss by buying him a bottle of expensive whiskey — if you had the cash to do so. You, however, are ballin' on a budget right now. This stainless steel flask is a tongue-in-cheek alternative that can stash five ounces of his favorite liquor. Plus, you should be the one receiving some liquor for the grueling work year!

14. Give Him The Gift Of Survival

Survival Pod , $27,

At a quick glance, this key ring strongly resembles a Cheez Doodle, but it's so much more than that. Once untied, this survival pod holds a parachute cord, one-inch knife, fire stick flint, duct tape, and tinder. A perfect stocking stuffer for an outdoorsy guy or aspiring Survivor contestant (love ya, Jeff Probst!).

15. Promote Proper Hydration

Slate Bottle , $18,

We're all just lost souls searching for a water bottle that doesn't drip all over over the contents of our bags. This powder-coated blue bottle provides a solution, with its perfect seal lock and a black wedge lid. A great gift for your trainer who has been making you sweat and cry every Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday.

16. Wedge In Some Whiskey Shots

Whiskey Wedges , $18, Check Them Out

All them "basic" ice cubes are shaking in their plastic trays, cause these whiskey wedges are amping up the frozen liquid game. Not only do these wedges make a cocktail look like a science experiment but they eliminate the likelihood of watered down beverages. It's the perfect gift for your whiskey-sippin' grandpa.

17. Make Every Place Smell Like A Desert Campfire

Desert Campfire Incense Kit , $20,

Gently remind your boyfriend that you'd be more inclined to sleep over if his bedroom didn't smell like a dirty laundry basket. This desert campfire incense kit is made with natural ingredients and smells like the desert lands of California. Since this set has a total of 40 sticks to burn, your boo's bedroom odor should be MORE than covered.

18. Start A Sausage (Grilling) Party

Hot Dog/Brat Griller, $28,

This stainless steel griller features a wooden handle and is capable of evenly cooking five hot dogs simultaneously. It's an inexpensive gift, ideal for any BBQ-phile who treats every cookout like a throw-down with Bobby Flay.

19. Help His Soul Soar

Turbo Flyer , $16,

Not only can this bad-boy soar through the sky, but it comes in vintage-inspired packaging that makes it a trinket worthy of a bookshelf display. An ideal gift for the guy who isn't afraid to embrace his childlike imagination. Fly on!

20. Give Some Subtle Dating Advice

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari , $17,

I am a firm advocate of gifting books. If you're looking for an option that will not only be a fun read but will also rack you up some serious cool points, opt for Modern Romance from the comedic charm-machine that is Aziz Ansari. A great grab bag gift for your co-worker, because who doesn't like to laugh about the absurdity of dating?

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