The Most Juan-derful Celeb Instagram

Juan-uary officially began on Sunday night, but you may have missed the memo that you needed to start following the newest Bachelor on Instagram immediately. Really, you should reconsider your plans for a new and better you in the new year and just vow to fall in love with Juan Pablo Galavis via Instagram. The Season 18 contestant on ABC's The Bachelor has not given up on his favorite hobby of making sing along Instagram videos alone and with friends. He's being him, just like he promised he would be, and we love it — we love every single thing about it.

On Thursday, the man behind our new obsession with finding words you can add "Juan" to posted his best Instagram video yet featuring his incredibly charming self channelling boy band One Direction. Just think about how much swoon-slash-LOL worthy material is in this 15-second gem.

Juan Pablo is posted up in his car, wearing some serious shades, and singing along to the band's "Story of My Life". But that's not even the best part. This season's Bachelor included in the caption "#JuanPaMusicVid" which definitely means we'll be seeing an infinite number of these. Imagine the possibilities.

Watch Juan Pablo singing One Direction:

If that doesn't do it for you and you're not so in love with Juan Pablo already, don't worry — because he's posted at least three more of these videos since starting his account. Like his rendition of "Stay The Night" by Zedd:

Or this super cut of him performing ALL of his favorite Backstreet Boys songs:

YOU LOVE IT, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT. It's Juan-derful, now go follow him right now.

Image: JuanPaGalavis/Instagram