What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

by Lindsey Rose Black

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding is equal parts fun and stressful, but add freezing weather into the mix and things can get extra tricky. Thanks to a slew of friends choosing to get married last winter, I've learned what to wear to a winter wedding so you can look your best and still feel extra warm. No matter how formal or casual the ceremony is, you're bound to swoon for one of the outfits below.

I've only recently hit that bizarre age where suddenly my high school and college friends are beginning to get married and make babies. Such madness. I ended up attending five weddings between last December through February, three of which were in colddddd Manhattan and required a little shopping. My survival strategy for weddings in frigid temps includes reaching for thicker, warm fabrics that are breathable enough to let you dance later, opt for long sleeves when possible, and learn to love layering. Whether it's a cute pair of opaque tights, an elegant formal coat, a quirky cardigan, or a big blanket scarf, layers will not only keep you warm, but also give your look that little personalized touch.

Below are some of my favorite dresses and jumpsuits to layer with, and hopefully they'll inspire you!

1. Sleeved Maxi

Sleeved Maxi, $107.49,

This sleeved stunner from ASOS is nice and flowy at the bottom so you can definitely still hit the dance floor comfortably.

2. Long Sleeve Swing Dress

Long Sleeve Swing Dress, $85,

You control how casual or formal this gorgeous swing dress becomes depending on what accessories you add. I think it'd be gorgeous paired with maroon tights and metallic black heels.

3. Two Tone Jumpsuit

Two Tone Jumpsuit, $69.90,

The best part of sleeved jumpsuits is that you can rock a full set of thermals underneath and no one will even notice!

4. High Neck Long Sleeve Dress

High Neck Maxi, $32.35,

Sleeves and a turtleneck?! Sign me up.

5. Knit Skirt

Knit Skirt, $115,

This cozy skirt can be dressed up with an elegant long-sleeved top or cardigan to match the formality level you need.

6. Vintage Vibe Velour

Burnout Velour Dress, $140,

I can't get over the epic retro vibe ruffled sleeves on this dreamy black dress. Perfect for a formal wedding, you could add tights if it's extra chilly out.

7. Oversize Knit

Knit Dress, $71.66,

This cozy dress is perfect for a casual wedding, and can be easily glammed up with jewelry and a sexy pair of heels.

Images: paulrichstudio/Fotolia; Courtesy of Brands