What You're Not Doing After Sex (But Should Be)

So you’ve just had yourself an amazing sex session; still glowing and feeling on the top of the world. But what’s next? Well, there’s always sleep, because post-sex sleep is the best. Or you could order some pizza, turn on the TV, and get some energy for round two. It’s really your call. Technically, there's no wrong way to act or behave after sex. But that doesn’t mean you’re not making any post-sex mistakes.

From an emotional and physical standpoint, there are ways to take care of yourself after an encounter. Sex, no matter how many times you do it, is an intimacy that you don’t share with just anyone. Even when you’re looking for a one-night stand, you’re still narrowing it down to who you’re going to take home and who you’re leaving behind. Because that’s the case, the moments following sex can make one feel vulnerable — as if they’re swimming in a washing machine of emotional overload. And that's totally normal. Why else would some people actually cry after sex (even great sex)?

Since you’re bound to do it again at some point, it’s time to look at your after-sex rituals and tweak them a bit — which is totally easy to do. Here are five mistakes you may be making after sex.

1. You’re Not Going To The Bathroom

You know how you’re always hearing that you should pee after sex? Well, it’s true. The reason for this is that your vagina and urethra are right next to each other, and bacteria can get into your urethra and cause a UTI … and I think we all know that UTIs are the last thing we want. With stats saying that 75 percent of UTIs are the result of not peeing after sex, you need to get on that. So get up and pee.

2. You’re Not Cuddling

Unless it’s a one-night stand and you want yourself or the person out the door ASAP, you should cuddle after sex. Research has found that post-sex cuddling leads to greater levels of relationship satisfaction. This was even more the case for women, because they felt it led to deeper emotional bonds between themselves and their partners.

3. You're Not Having A Chat Sesh

Studies have found that the most common time for a woman to spill the beans about, well, everything is right after an orgasm. Not only does the oxytocin released make you feel more affectionate and even, dare I say it, in love, but it also makes you feel like you can trust your partner more. This makes this the best moment to discuss anything, whether it's what you liked about your romp or about any of the more personal things that are on your mind.

4. You’re Not Touching Each Other

With all those hormones like oxytocin and prolactin pumping through your body after sex, your sensitivity to touch is heightened. Even if you’re not in the mood to cuddle for whatever reason, at least touching each other can make the pleasureful sensations last and last. It might even be a great idea to take a shower together. Just be careful with the soap.

5. You're Racing Out Of Bed

What's the rush? It's one thing to race out of bed to pee, but when you're done, go back and stay there for a bit. The more cuddling and touching you do, the more likely you're going to end up having another go at it.

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