What Guys Revealed About Their Sexting Habits

Let’s talk about sexting. Chances are, if you’re navigating your way through modern-day romance, you’ve probably sent a sext or two to someone of interest or someone you’re already seeing. And it's not just for horny teenagers or Tinder users. Even married people sext. Sexting has also been proven to be very good for your relationships.

Personally, I am all for sexting. It’s hot, fun, and can get the libido going even when you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. For me, nothing is sexier than a guy who can perfectly articulate what he wants and what he wants to do to me using just his words. Maybe it’s just the writer in me, but I like a guy with a little bit of imagination who knows his way around the English language.

But sexting has definitely evolved over the years from those simple plain text messages. Nowadays, we have all these emojis we can use to send a dirty sext. Then of course, there are the pictures.

In the latest episode of Bustle’s "I Want It That Way" podcast, Bustle talks to two single guys all about sexting. Take a listen:

Here are five things they revealed about their sexting habits:

1. It’s All About The “Sup, You Up?”

When it comes to the art of sexting, these guys revealed they like to keep it old school with the classic, “Sup, you up?” But they do appreciate a good emoji sequence. Notable mentions include the peach and eggplant, the banana with water, the squirt sign, and the open mouth.

2. They Take Cautionary Measures To Make Sure Their Sexts Are Going To The Right Person

In order to cover their tracks and not send an accidental sext to someone with a similar name of the person they’re sexting, they make sure to put some sort of cautionary sign next to their sexting partner’s name. That way, it’s a good way to prevent any awkward conversations with co-workers or family members who may have seen that dick pic that wasn’t meant for them.

3. Sexting In A Relationship Is A Good Thing

As John and Mike shared, sexting in a relationship is a good way to keep the flame going. It’s especially great when the two of you are away from each other. If you want to do a sexy video chat strip show or send a dirty pic or two, they’re all for it. Even they've seen you naked IRL hundreds of times, those are still good ways to remind him, “Hey, don’t forget what I’ve got going on.”

4. Guys Like Pictures — That Are Meant For Them

Between plain texts, emojis, and pics, guys will always opt for pics. No surprise there. However, they want to know that the pics you sent were made for solely for them and no one else. They want to know the pic is directed toward them, not something that’s been stored in your phone for the past two months. They like pics that are fresh and in the moment. If they know the pic you sent them happened in real time, it’s a definite turn-on.

5. They Like Things Straight To The Point

They don’t need long walls of text. Essentially, everything you say is going to lead to the two of you getting together. They prefer your texts short and succinct in order to make their minds wander a little bit.

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