Ariana Grande's New Ombre Hair Might Not Be The Real Deal

Big news: The most consistent head of celebrity hair has undergone a slight update — at least, so we thought. Pop star Ariana Grande had ombre hair at two appearances in London recently, but it seems as though the subtle but totally gorgeous look might not be the real thing. Even though it was a small shift from her original style in the first place, any change in her signature strands is kind of a big deal — at least as far as hairdos go.

Her base color was still a classic dark brown, but her long hair gradually cascaded into a warm caramel-inspired blonde hue. So lovely, but in an Instagram pic Grande posted just two days later, her hair was back to her go-to brunette (just like it was days before on Halloween.)

Did Ari fake us out again with her hair? I'm oddly disappointed that her ombré might not be permanent, because it was so pretty. I'd love to see her do something drastic for real — I loved her platinum blonde locks in her video for "Focus," so that'd be my pick for her first major hair upheaval since she went red to play Cat on Victorious and Sam & Cat. Then again, I wouldn't mind if she went back to that stunning fiery shade, either.

In any case, either she dyed it permanently and had a very quick change of heart, or the ombré effect was just temporary to begin with. Here's her the day before Halloween, no blonde in sight:

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then arriving at BBC Radio 1 with her blonde tips (and brother Frankie in tow) a few days later:

She also stepped out to a Boots store appearance with her ombré mane that same day.

Look how pretty!

Sadly, though, she posted this ombré-less pic on November 6 in Madrid (she's in the very front.)

This isn't the first time Ariana's tricked us with her locks, either. Here are four other times the singer has surprised us by working a temporary look:

Platinum Hair

She recently rocked incredible platinum hair in her video for her new single, "Focus."


"Bang, Bang", indeed! Even though this was just a wig, she could totally pull off bangs IRL.

Natural Curls

Granted, this look was as real as can be, but she still sticks to her signature straight 'do at appearances. What a shame.

Ombré (Again)

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Grande sported a slightly darker ombré 'do at the Republic Records VMA after party.

Images: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images (2); Neil Mockford/GC Images/Getty Images (1); arianagrande/Instagram