What Does Your Fave 'GMW' Character Say About You?

I cannot believe I am saying this, but Girl Meets World may have assembled an even more eclectic group of personalities than Boy Meets World did. Between Riley and her friends, Cory, Topanga, and Auggie, the characters run the gamut from sensible and responsible to kooky and cynical. No matter how old you are, there is a character on the show you can relate to. I say this as a twentysomething woman who has over-related to Riley on more than one occasion (OK, it's basically a weekly thing). My point is your favorite Girl Meets World character can say a lot about you.

Whether Topanga is still the queen of your heart or you feel a deep kinship with Farkle, that means something. I'm sure Cory would say something pithy about personal histories influencing your taste in fiction here, but I am no Cory Matthews, my friends. He would be right, though. You are what you like in many instances, that is why everyone is so curious about what kind of pasta they would be if they were pasta. It's all relevant information.

Now, get your favorite Girl Meets World character in your mind and prepare to find out what it means if Maya is your fave versus Lucas. Prepare to have your personality revealed, Girl Meets World fans.


You live in your own happy bubble of positivity and joy. You genuinely love kittens, rainbows, and glitter. Irony is not a part of your vocabulary, and there is nothing in this world more important to you than your friends and family. Occasionally, you can go too far in your pursuit of happiness for others either by pushing too hard or sacrificing your own wants and needs. Remember, it doesn't make you less of a friend if you put yourself first sometimes.


Life has dealt you more than your fair share of knocks and as a result you've developed a tough outer shell. You hide behind jokes and cynicism, but those closest to you know you have a vulnerable side, too. A true force of nature, your larger than life presence can draw people to you and scare them away depending on your mood. You are a talented artist, and a fiercely protective friend. Once someone is in your circle, you always have their back.


Strong, solid, and true are all words that come to mind when people think of you. You have a gentle heart and a genuine kindness that is a true rarity. While most of the time you seem unflappable, taking everything in stride, you cannot stand for injustice. When your temper flares it is best for everyone to get out of your way. More than anything you are reliable in the best way possible: you are always there when your friends need a shoulder, a champion, or just someone to make them smile.


You are always the smartest person in the room and to be honest, that can be daunting sometimes. Social situations occasionally baffle you because of your straightforward nature. You are honest to a fault and tirelessly inquisitive. Your best kept secret is that you also happen to be hyper observant. Sometimes you understand what your friends are going through before they do, and you have to wait for them to catch up. Some people call you a robot, but in truth you are a deeply caring person and your real pals value your friendship above all else.


You are the very definition of chill. You take life in stride, often enjoying the small things while your friends freak out over relationship problems. Quick with a joke and a smile, you are an absolute pleasure to be around. You also happen to have impeccable manners, and while your puckish nature can occasionally get you into trouble, is it really your fault if other people take life too seriously?


Wise beyond your years, you can be both innocent and capable of offering sage advice. You may not like being labeled adorable, but you totally are. You are good with the jokes, and a true romantic. Also, you love spaghetti. A lot.


Who says dreamers can't also be tough? You are proof it is possible to be both dramatic and grounded at the same time. You will never stop dreaming of a better life, but you also recognize the one you've got is pretty great too. Funny, sweet, and willing to do anything for the ones you love, you are a beautiful person inside and out — as long as someone doesn't get on your bad side, that is.


Some members of your squad see you as the mom of the group, and that's fair. After all, you are always there to give the best advice and to comfort your pals when they are going through a rough time. You are also a total hero who fights for justice and works hard to make the world a better place. You are a leader and champion multitasker with a heart of gold.


Your capacity to love is endless. A romantic and a goofball, you are an expert at making people smile. It is easy to underestimate you, but the truth is you are far wiser than anyone realizes. You are always there for your friends and family, and you are passionate about making a difference in people's lives. Few people are as genuine and thoughtful as you are.

Girl Meets World is one of those rare shows where every character is a wonderful person, which means you are pretty wonderful, too.

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