Can You Wear Rain Boots In The Snow?

by Sienna Fantozzi

As much as I love fall/winter fashion, dressing for the elements is quite a different story. There are plenty of stylish rain and snow boot options out these days, but they don't always come cheap, and investing in two pairs of boots (one for snow, one for rain) is kind of a buzzkill (think of the regular shoes you could buy with that money instead). So you might be wondering: Can you wear your rain boots in the snow?

The answer isn't exactly black and white, because it depends on how cold it is, how icy the streets are, how much walking you will have to do, etc., but basically, yes, you can wear your rain boots in the snow, in the sense that nothing bad will happen to your boots and you will keep yourself dry. But there are two other concerns: warmth and traction.

Rain boots like the ever-popular wellies might be cute, but they are basically just rubber and don't offer a lot of insulation or warmth especially the kind that have wide openings and don't hug your leg or ankle (meaning cold air can get in way easier). The other issue is that rain boots aren't made for icy conditions, and while snow boots offer more traction, slipping and falling in rain boots is a serious possibility. If it's lightly snowing and the sidewalks aren't covered, you'd be fine, but if there's packed snow or ice, you could risk falling and injuring yourself.

You don't have to spend double the money, though, because wearing snow boots in the rain is totally OK, so it might be worth investing in those instead. However, if you really want to wear your rain boots, just make sure to avoid walking on ice, and try one of these liners to help keep yourself warm and insulated.

1. Cable Knit

Hunter, $50, Nordstrom

Nothing says warm and cozy like cable knit.

2. Colorful

Joules, $20, Target

These whimsical socks make cold-weather dressing a teeny bit better.

3. Fleece

Hunter, $30, Nordstrom

Neutral socks will go with any color boot.

4. Tight

Hunter, $55, Nordstrom

For extra insulation, try a sock that hugs your leg.

5. Down

Hunter, $65 Nordstrom

It's basically like a jacket for your feet.

6. Over-The-Knee

Lacie Girl, $23, Countryoutfitter

More fabric=more warmth.

7. Cashmere

Cashmere Boot Socks; $98; Vineyardvines

If it's really cold, you can always count on cashmere.

Images: Vineyard Vines; Country Outfitter; Nordstrom; Target