The 'Finding Dory' Trailer Thickens The Mystery

Tuesday was a glorious day for one very specific reason: The Finding Dory trailer dropped, and everyone got a little bit closer to the sequel that the world's been waiting for for what feels like forever. The long-awaited Finding Nemo sequel has been on the radar for years, and excitement has only grown with every casting announcement or sneak-peek. Pixar never disappoints, always pulling on our heartstrings or urging us to cry buckets. And it's already clear that Finding Dory will be no exception, so seeing the trailer in full is literally the best.

Seeing the Finding Dory trailer is also a total blast from the past. It instantly made me all warm and fuzzy inside back in Nemo's world, alongside his grumpy father Marlin, and my beloved Dory (voiced by the inimitable Ellen DeGeneres). The dynamics are the same, with Nemo and Dory still looking out for each other, and Marlin begrudgingly, but brilliantly, being a real Dad, putting Dory back to bed when she sleep swims, and making sure everyone is OK. With only a hint at what the plot has in store for us, what can we piece together from the trailer so far? Here's a step-by-step guide to everything that happened in this three minutes of goodness.

1. It's Always A Great Sign When Your Team Is Made Up Of These Guys

I have been waiting for this. For. So. Long!

2. Everyone Is Fast Asleep and Dory Is Dreaming

Everything is peaceful, and Dory is snoring. She's dreaming, saying the words, "Don't cry, Mommy. Don't cry." It's only a small hint at what Dory might be going in search of, but it's a beautiful moment that gives me all the feels.

3. Marlin Is Chill But Nemo Notices Something Is Wrong

Nemo's Dad, Marlin, may be fast asleep, but Nemo wakes up when he hears something strange.

4. Nemo Reacts Quickly And Is Worried About Dory

BFFs never stop! Nemo spots that something is up with Dory almost immediately. It's lovely to know that some happily ever afters are real, and Dory, Nemo, and Marlin's friendship has endured past the first movie. They still have each other's backs.

5. Dory Is Sleepswimming

Dory has managed to sleepswim out of bed, having cray cray dreams about her past. Marlin might be half asleep himself, but he brings her back to bed like a total pro parent, always awake when his kids need him to be. It's so endearing to see their family dynamic at work.

6. Dory Talks In Her Sleep

Marlin and Nemo put Dory back to bed, but she's still muttering words in her sleep. This time she says,"Hand me the ratchet wrench so I can fix it." The mystery thickens!

7. Marlin Assures Nemo It Won't Happen Again

Marlin tells Nemo that it was probably a one-time thing, and that Dory's sleepswimming is nothing to worry about. He just wants everyone to go back to sleep like normal people. I mean fishes.

8. Dory And Marlin Wake With A Start

The pair wake with a start to see Dory swimming away into the dark. Dory is swimming fast into the sea at night. Nemo and Marlin rush to follow her, but the trailer fades to black, and we don't know if they find her this time.

9. Dory Remembered Something

The trailer time-jumps to Dory jumping up from the seabed and exclaiming, "I remembered something!" But what did she remember? Are her dreams all about things that have happened to her previously?

10. But We Can't Wait To Find Out

"OK, is it like a picture in your head? And then you think I've seen this before?" Dory has so many questions for her friends. She wants to know what having memories is like, and is on a mission to discover her own. While constantly losing her memory. We're in for a bumpy ride.

11. "My Family Are Out There Somewhere! I Have To Find Them!"

In a frenzied moment, Dory starts zooming through the sea. Suddenly spurred on to find her family, she moves incredibly quickly, and the animation is totally beautiful.

12. An Unforgettable Adventure

The trailer tells us that Dory is going on "An unforgettable adventure — She probably won't remember." But I have so much faith in Dory!

13. Something Important

Dory exclaims that she's "remembered something important." Marlin is right by her side, eager to find out what it is she knows about her past. Fish can have #SquadGoals, right?

14. But What Did Dory Remember?

As Dory's totally unsure what she remembered in the clip, we'll have to wait for the movie to find out what the details were and where they'll lead her.

I am so ready for Finding Dory. Watch the full trailer below.

Images: Disney/Pixar; TheEllenShow/YouTube (14)