6 Little Ways To Change Your Hairstyle

If you're scared of scissors and horrified by hair dye, then you might be interested in ways to subtly change your hairstyle. We've all gotten that itch for drastically new hair, whether you've craved blunt bangs, a crazy color, or a major chop. But these big changes can feel like quite the commitment, especially if you've been stuck in your hair ways for a while.

It's totally understandable why many of us don't want anyone coming anywhere near our hair. After all, bangs are high maintenance, hair color is expensive, and the time it takes to grow out a pixie cut is nothing short of daunting. These are all legit reasons to avoid the salon like a plague.

But even if you aren't wary of the salon, there are plenty of other reasons you may not want to change your hair too drastically. Maybe you rock the natural look, or you work in a corporate environment that frowns upon anything too "funky." Or maybe you've been there and done that with every color under the sun, and feel like finally going back to your roots. (Even though you spend your evenings scrolling through Pinterest looking at photos of beautiful, pink hair. I do, too.)

Whatever your reason, if you're desiring a change, but don't want anything too different, here are some simple ways to change your hair that offer a surprisingly big impact.

1. Change Up Your Part

If you've always let your hair fall where it may, then try mixing things up by parting your hair in a different direction. It'll make a huge difference for your face shape and the volume of your hair, and all it takes is the sweep of a comb. According to Didi Gluck at Real Simple, "For the most precise part with less risk of snagging, use the tip of a rattail comb to divide hair." Go try it right now, and revel at your new self in the mirror.

2. Rock A Faux Bob

It seems like everyone is lobbing off their hair right now. But if the thought of hacking off your long locks turns you cold with fear, then consider faking it with a faux bob. According to Justine Harman at Elle, this look requires a lot of patience and even more bobby pins. It does, however, let you experience what it's like to have a chic, short hairstyle with losing all your inches.

3. Get A Hair Glaze

If you're nervous to dye your hair, or can't be bothered with the upkeep, then go for a clear gloss instead. Glosses make your hair super shiny, help repair damage, and can enhance your natural color, according to Renee Jacques at the Huffington Post. And it's also not as harsh as regular hair dye, so if that's what's keeping you about changing your color, then a gloss may be the way to go.

4. Don't Do Anything At All To It

Put down the straightening iron and step away from the sprays. If you've been forcing your hair to do something it doesn't want to do, then switch things up by letting your hair be totally natural. It'll be a nice change to see what your hair actually looks like when it's air dried, and you might even like the result.

5. Cut Off Your Split Ends

Sometimes all you really need is a trim. Nothing drastic, nothing life-changing, just a simple cleaning up of your ends.

6. Dye It A Shade Lighter Or Darker

If you're feeling bold, but not too bold, then you try lightening or darkening your hair just a shade. There's no need to go overboard and dye your hair the opposite color just for the sake of a change. Adjusting your color just a bit is often enough to bring it back to life.

Changing your hair is fun, whether you do something drastic or not. Because sometimes all you need to switch up your look is a little tweak here and there.

Images: Pexels (1); Giphy (6)