6 Great Things About Living Alone

One of the best things about living with others, especially if it's with a bunch of your friends, is being surrounded 24/7 by interesting goings on. But sometimes, when you're in the midst of it all, you look around at everyone screaming and yelling and making a mess and wonder, are there any benefits to living alone?

Whether you live with your family, in a dorm room, with housemates, or an SO, there are definitely lots of good things about having others around. For instance, there is always going to be food, or at least someone's leftovers, lying around. Also you're never going to come up empty when you need someone to hear out your problems. And you'll probably never forget to pay a bill, because one of you is bound to remember it (eventually). Having roommates can be really fun, and that's why most of us are inclined to want others around.

And yet I think that everyone should live alone at least once in their life. It may be lonely at times, and often downright scary (what do you do when there's a shower spider and no one's around to kill it!?). But living by yourself can teach you a lot of things about yourself, while being totally fun and freeing (naked dance party anyone?). If you ever have the chance to go it solo, give it a try, and enjoy all of the following benefits of living alone.

1. No One Eats Your Food

Ah, the joys of food being right where you left it. The nicest thing about living alone is putting away some leftovers, and being 100 percent sure you'll find them in the same spot tomorrow. No greedy roommates or hungry SOs will undermine your snacking, leaving you to grub away in peace whenever you please.

2. You Can Be As Gross As You Want

When you have a place all to yourself, you can feel free to be your truest, grossest self. Pee at 3 a.m. and don't flush, leave you dirty socks hanging from the backs of chairs, and dangle dental floss from your sink like streamers. Who cares? No one is there to judge. You do you.

3. Sleep Whenever & Wherever

Want to fall asleep with the TV blaring? Go for it, because no one else is around to worry about. It's fun to stay up late without a care in the world, but it's also equally nice to go to bed at 8 p.m. knowing that you won't be disturbed until morning. Pure bliss.

4. Wear Whatever You Want

If your old room mates made fun of you for sleeping in pajamas you've had since elementary school, then now's the time to shamelessly whip them out again. Once that door closes behind you after a long day, you have entered into your kingdom where anything goes. So if you want to wear footie pajamas, or clean the house in nothing but your socks, then have at it.

5. No One Is There To Argue With

Living with others can be tough, especially if there are a lot of clashing personalities. Having your own place spares you the trials and tribulations that come with having roommates. Those days of heated arguments over who's going to wash the dishes are a thing of the past.

6. You Learn How To Take Care Of Yourself

Living alone offers a chance to figure out how you'd handle yourself in a multitude of situations. You'll be forced to grow up quickly when you do find that shower spider, or the power goes off, or you realize you didn't go grocery shopping. But you'll figure it out, and be much more mature going forward in life having dealt with things on your own.

Having your own place comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressures, but the benefits are just as great. If you can, I definitely recommend living by yourself at least once in your life because a living situation that doesn't require pants is really the most ideal option at the end of the day.

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