'Pretty Little Liars' 6B Is Still Awhile Away, So Here's How To Pass The Time

You know the feeling of getting really hyped for something, only to have it happen and realize that you now have a whole lot more waiting to do for the next awesome thing to come around? That's how Pretty Little Liars fans felt after the Big A reveal at the end of Season 6A. Cece Drake declaring that she was the person hiding behind that black hoodie was the answer that fans desperately needed from the show, but while the revelation was satisfying, it was also a reminder that we would have to wait a long time for more mysteries to unfold. And waiting for Pretty Little Liars 6B really, really sucks.

This year is particularly challenging for mystery-thirsty fans of the series, considering how major the 6A reveal was. And to make matters worse, there wasn't even a holiday episode to hold us over. Sure, we had "Five Years Forward," but it just wasn't the same. Midseason episodes were the perfect things to hold over fans who desperately needed more information in order to get through the winter without a new episode of Pretty Little Liars to look forward to each Tuesday, and without one this year, all of our days felt a little bit darker.

Of course, not all hope is lost: there are still things that fans can do to pass the time between seasons. Here's how to keep the Pretty Little Liars spirit alive before 6B premieres in January:

1. Read The Pretty Little Liars Book Series For An Alternate A Ending

The TV series greatly diverges from the books by Sara Shepard, but most of your favorite characters still exist in some form within this world. The mystery is just as engrossing as the show, and reading it will give you a very different idea of who A could have been this whole time.

2. Catch Up On The Stars' Other Projects

BootleggedProd on YouTube

Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell co-starred in a short film together called Immediately Afterlife, about two survivors of a mass suicide. (And you thought that Pretty Little Liars' dollhouse scenes were dark.) You can watch the film for free online.

3. Listen To Lucy Hale's Country Album

LucyHaleVEVO on YouTube

You may have heard her single "You Sound Good To Me" when the music video premiered during Pretty Little Liars, but the aspiring country star has plenty of other tunes worth listening to on her album The Road Between.

4. Follow Ashley Benson's SnapChat

Benson is prone to dropping small clues about upcoming Pretty Little Liars episodes in her Snap story — the engagement ring she wore in one snap even hinted at Hanna's upcoming nuptials. You can follow her at Benzo33.

5. Check Out Ravenswood

Freeform on YouTube

The Pretty Little Liars spinoff only lasted one season, which means you can plow through the episodes in a few days, or space it out and watch one episode every Tuesday night. Plus, you can never get enough Caleb Rivers.

6. Read Another Sara Shepard Series

harperteen on YouTube

With a hilarious book trailer, The Perfectionists is another Shepard series about a murder in a wealthy town, and it will keep you guessing until the very last page. There are only two books in this series, so unlike Pretty Little Liars, you will get your answers pretty quickly.

7. Throw A Pretty Little Liars Marathon Party


What better way to pass the time between PLL seasons than by watching, well, PLL seasons?

Waiting for Pretty Little Liars may cause a small emotional crisis, but worry not: January is only a few months away. Do these things and you may be surprised at how quickly time flies.

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