19 Perfect 'Made In The A.M.' Memes

The release of Made in the A.M. is a blessing and a curse for One Direction fans; it's a great, fun, emotional album, and it's sad because it's their last album before the hiatus that Directioners have been dreading. But, by making hilarious Made In The A.M. memes, fans have been dealing with that internal conflict really well. There's a lot to have fun with regarding the release of this album. There's competition with Beliebers, since Justin Bieber's new album Purpose came out today and has been performing slightly better on the charts. There's the fact that a misspelled hashtag was trending. And then there's juggling the internal struggle of loving the album with worrying that it will be the band's last.

Luckily, it looks like Directioners have a lot to squeeze out of the album's 19 tracks, and they've come up with more Made in the A.M. related content in the small amount of time since it's been released than any of their moms would be able to believe. There's a lot of great stuff out there, so here are the 19 best fan-created memes about the glory and tragedy of Made In The A.M.

1. Listening Is A Religious Experience

Basically, a second coming.

2. It's Gonna Win All The Awards

Grammys could be coming their way.

3. There's A Funny Coincidence With The Album Names

Both good in their own ways.

4. The Album Is Transformative

Tell me about it, stud.

5. It Was Horrible To Wait

Who can blame them, really?

6. It's In The Stars

When is your birthday? Doesn't matter.

7. They're Fighting The Beliebers

There's no purpose to not buying Made In The A.M.

8. It's The Best Album Yet

And Directioners would be the first to tell you that there's some stiff competition.

9. The Album Will Make 1D Some Money...

...not that it will make that much difference.

10. Being An Older Fan Is Hard

But they are no less loyal.

11. Directioners Will Make Sure It Sells

It all depends how many CDs they can hold at any given time.

12. There Are Some Sexual Lyrics

"Temporary Fix" has got some Directioners feeling hot and bothered.

13. Detractors Have Been Proven Wrong

Those who thought the band couldn't survive with only four are about to be proven wrong.

14. The Album Is An Emotional Roller Coaster

Even more so than watching all of your own movies in a row.

15. "If I Could Fly" Is Breaking Hearts


16. Fans Won't Be Doing Much Else Today

Cancel all the plans.

17. There Are Lots Of Tears

There, there.

18. It Might Just Kill Them

Are you... doing alright?

19. But They Will Emerge Transformed

And possibly naked and tattooed.

So celebrate this wonderful day and maybe... leave the 1D fans in your life alone for a little while. Because, emotionally, they are going to need time to deal with all these feels.