The Beautiful Reason JoJo Promises To Keep Singing

Dealing with grief is never easy, and it's bound to be even more difficult when doing so in the public eye. I'd imagine that being a celebrity adds extra pressure and attention to an already tough situation. On Saturday, JoJo announced her father's death and wrote a touching tribute via Instagram, and I really admire her strength in sharing his story. The 24-year-old singer posted an old photo of the two of them together with a heartbreakingly beautiful caption, commemorating her father's 60 years of life. Along with the sweet picture, JoJo wrote,

I missed you even while you were here. I will miss you infinitely more now that you're gone. Thank you for holding on as long as you did. I know you tried your best. You are free now. I will love you always, Dad. I can feel you with me. Rest now. In PEACE. I miss your voice. I wish more people could have heard it. I promise I will keep singing for you. Joel Maurice Levesque. January 8, 1955- November 14, 2015.

According to Us Weekly, Joel Levesque was a blues singer himself, so talent clearly runs in the family. Although undeniably upsetting, perhaps the most touching part is that she promises to keep singing in her father's honor. As evidenced by her recent single "When Love Hurts," JoJo is truly talented and has a voice worth sharing.

Already sticking to her promise, JoJo shared another Instagram post on Sunday afternoon about how she'll be singing the National Anthem in her father's memory at the NASCAR Sprint Cup's Quicken Loans Race for Heroes 500 in Phoenix. She wrote,

Today I will be singing the national anthem to honor my dad. He was a disabled veteran. I wish he was here with me today. He would have cried. I will be crying because I miss him already. We all thought it would happen eventually... But now that it's happened, I can't believe this is real life. #RIPJoel #GodblessAmerica #GodblessFrance

JoJo ended the post with this piece of wisdom: "may God help us all to love and understand each other better. To lead with compassion and live in peace on this one planet we are entrusted with." Incredibly insightful words, especially in the wake of the recent attacks in France and elsewhere around the world. Spreading kindness and love is one of the best things to do in response to such tragedies.

As I said earlier, I admire JoJo for bravely opening up about her father. My heart goes out to her and the rest of the Levesque family during what's bound to be an unbelievably tough time.