'AHS: Hotel's Vampires Vs. Ghosts — GRAPH

In case you haven't already noticed, the Hotel Cortez is no ordinary hotel. In fact, it's pretty much the stuff most nightmares are made of and wouldn't be able to nab a decent Yelp review if its life depended on it. But, if there's one thing even more intriguing than these haunted halls, it's the actual American Horror Story: Hotel characters themselves. As we all know by now, AHS: Hotel is mostly made up of vampires and ghosts — neither of which you ever want to run into in the hallways. One of these creations drinks the blood of all its victims, while the other sews them up in mattresses or indulges in cruel and twisted mind games. I honestly can't say which supernatural entity I'd be more terrified to encounter.

However, just like with anything else, it can sometimes be hard to keep all of the facts straight. What exactly do the ghosts and vampires have in common? How are they different from one another? So as a way to help remind us of their various similarities and differences, Bustle has created a nifty venn diagram to assist us in all of our AHS: Hotel inquiries. We may not yet know who the 10 Commandants Killer is (though it's probably John, right?), but we do know quite a bit about these undead Cortez residents. Here's what these vamps and ghouls have in common (me never wanting to meet them), as well as what makes them stand apart.

Images: Dawn Foster/Bustle; Prashant Gupta/FX