Alek & Emma Steamed It Up On 'DWTS'

As far as Season 21 of Dancing With The Stars goes, the ballad of Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater sings on. These two lovebirds (okay, they’re not actually lovebirds, but I want them to be so badly) danced together once this season during the partner switch week, and boy, did sparks fly! Alek has had a thing for Emma since then, so it’s not hard to believe that Alek Skarlatos would pick Emma Slater on Dancing With The Stars as the third for his trio dance with partner Lindsay Arnold. Sometimes, I forgot that Lindsay was even there, because Alek and Emma were so steamy in their Argentine tango!

You know it’s going to be a great dance when the pre-number interview is Alek saying, “Whenever Emma is within 100 feet of me, it's hard to concentrate.” Um, duh, we know, Alek. They also alluded to something “happening” between them, which I think could be just a ploy by producers at this point. They know we all want Alek and Emma to be a couple so badly that we’ll take any scrap or nibble of information we can get. Anyway, the Argentine tango that Lindsay and Emma choreographed was really something.

It was sexy, fun, and was set to a great tune (Elle King’s “Exes & Ohs”). Carrie Ann said that this Argentine tango showcased Alek’s best qualities—since the Argentine tango is all about framework, Alek really provided a great frame for the ladies while still being really dynamic and sexy (or at least Alek’s version of sexy). Lindsay, Alek, and Emma got Alek a great score, but that’s beside the point. When Erin Andrews asked post-dance what happened between Emma and Alek post-dance, everyone clammed up fast. What is going on between Emma and Alek, you guys? I need to know and I feel like it’s a conspiracy to not give me the answers I need. I don’t care about the Mirror Ball Trophy anymore—I just want to know who’s in love.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC