Sandy Cohen Is Better Than Your Dad

One thing that gets clearer the more you watch The O.C. is that Sandy Cohen is the best TV Dad of all time. You know it's true. And, if you disagree, then I need to see your credentials. What exactly are you basing this on? Because for all intents and purposes, Sandy Cohen is not only a fantastic parent, but a hilarious human being. Yes, OK, I realise he's fictional but, whatever, I stand by what I said. Sandy Cohen is the absolute best and there are a million reasons why.

Played by the always superb Peter Gallagher, Sandy strode the line between upstanding member of the community and rebel with a cause really well. He looked out for his kids; took Ryan under his wing when no-one else believed in him; and fought for what he believed in on a daily basis. Plus, those eyebrows. How could anyone forget those legendary eyebrows? It'd be mean to say that my dad pales in comparison because, come on guys, Sandy Cohen is not real! But, if our dads are going to feel inadequate compared to anyone, it's going to be the patriarch of the Cohen family and here's why:

1. Those Eyebrows

Peter Gallagher's eyebrows have a status all of their own. They are totally out of control, but amazing.

2. He's A Talker

If there was ever a dad keen to help you fix your problems, it's the senior Cohen.

3. His Advice Is Always On Point

Sandy is a man unafraid of emotion.

4. He's Hilarious

Take this turkey joke for example. Bottom line: Mr. Cohen can crack a mean joke.

5. He Can Cure Your Hangover

With his charm and a cup of coffee in hand, Sandy can scare off any sign of a hangover.

6. He Celebrates Chrismukkah Like A Pro

Just look at that yamaka.

7. He Sticks Up For People

A real beauty of a man, Sandy will stick up for anyone who needs his help.

8. His Sayings Are Just Amazing

"Don't salt his game, honey." I have literally no idea what this means, but I love it.

9. He Plans Parties

Sandy Cohen: party planner extraordinaire. The fact that he jokes that he'd be stealth enough to be in the CIA is just adorable.

10. He Makes Sandwiches

"Natural sandwich maker" is synonymous with "dad," no?

11. He's A Gentleman

Perfect manners and a fitted suit. Perfect for a parent-teacher conference.

12. He's Not Too Proud To Apologize

It takes a brave dad to fess up to his mistakes.

13. He Jokes About His Perfect Life

He may joke to people that they should never get married or have children, but we all know that Sandy Cohen is a family man through and through, and that he loves being a dad. That's why he's so good at it, obviously.

14. He Understands The Importance Of Familial Bonding

Sandy is committed to being there for his family, and he teaches them how important family is.

15. He Truly Understands His Children

Sandy understands what makes his kids tick, and what they need to be happy. It's super cute!

16. He Gives Great Hugs (I Assume)

He's huggable. What more do you need?

17. He's Totally Chill About The Birds & The Bees

Sure, having the sex talk is never easy, but Sandy is comfortable and happy to chat about it whenever his kids need to.

18. He'll Help You With Your Tie

And, it won't look total sh*t!

19. He's Got Great Eyes

They're so blue.

20. He's A Great Kisser

Sandy Cohen is a fantastic kisser. Wait, what? Did this list just get weird?

21. Basically, He's Just The Best Dad Ever, OK?

It's official! Sandy Cohen is the greatest. Time to marathon The O.C. all over again to experience some Peter Gallagher magic!

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