Rih's Creepers Return With New Colors

This is such great news: Rihanna's PUMA Creeper is coming back and it will be better than ever. Giving fans another opportunity to snag a pair of her popular line of sneakers, the singer announced that her almighty Creeper will be sold in new a handful of new hues. So, what colors do Rih's PUMA Creepers come in? They're available in unexpected, but equally fierce color combinations that will definitely outsell the first release.

As PUMA's creative director, Rihanna had full control over the colors that her Creeper line will come in. The shoes will be now be sold in peacoat/cool blue, off white/gum, and coral cloud pink/green/oatmeal. The original colors of Rih's Creeper shoes, black/white and black/oatmeal will also be restocked, so anyone (myself included) who missed out on the original release now has a second shot at scoring a pair from the line. Did I mention that men's sizes are now available?

Rihanna gave a preview of the PUMA Creepers' new colors on Instagram. Here she is modeling the new white/gum colorway, while rapper Travis Scott wears the pink/green/oatmeal color combo. The shoes retail for $120 and are guaranteed to fly off the shelves, but don't lose hope. Here's some tips of where to buy Rihanna's PUMA Creepers.

Here's a closer look at the white and gum version of Rih's kicks:

These shoes have such a classic yet edgy look that could only come from the brilliant mind of Rihanna.

Images: Courtesy PUMA (2)