Watch Best Friends Do Sensual Yoga Together

Yoga is a solo practice that causes you to become intimate and focused on yourself, while sensual yoga is a practice that helps you to become more intimate with your partner, turning your focus outward. However, in this video featuring best friends trying sensual yoga together, the practice becomes more of an awkwardly hilarious giggle fest. Seriously, everyone involved in this video giggles like a baby playing their first game of peek-a-boo.

Granted anything you do with your BFF can turn into something hilarious, but when you mix an intimate and sensual experience with someone you do not have a sensual relationship with, you put yourself on a one way train to Nervous Laugh Town, population: two. When you're with someone you're used to being silly with, you're not likely to accomplish much put in a serious setting. Remember trust falls in gym class in high school? If you got paired with a friend, you knew you were going to end up on the floor.

In this video you'll notice that very same tomfoolery. Getting all up close and personal with someone you're used to telling fart jokes with or getting schwasted with proves to be incredibly difficult and surprisingly fun. It's clear that the unstoppable giggles are coming from a place of excitement and discomfort but all the besties power through and become even closer because of it. Would you do sensual yoga with your bestie? Enjoy a few highlights to help you make up your mind:


Of course there were going to be some fart jokes. Everyone loves a good yoga fart story.

Stinky Feet

The kind of thing you can only get away with saying to your best friend.


Wait, but like, this is actually kind of fun? And feels pretty good?


Successes all around. The class brought even the bestest friends closer together.

And watch the full video here:

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