11 False Eyelashes So Festive They'll Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Peepers — PHOTOS

The holidays are coming, which likely means you're ready to embrace festive fashion. Instead of investing in a new holiday-centric wardrobe, though, why not spend your hard-earned cash on some fabulously festive false eyelashes? There are so many things that make money disappear throughout the season, like gifts for your loved ones, fancy food, wrapping paper, parties, and the perfect garment for the holidays. But treating yourself to a new pair of falsies will mean you don't break the bank and you look fab.

False lashes will help transform your favorite LBD or sparkling holiday dress into a dramatic look. If you're unsure as to what kind of style to choose, just look to your favorite celebs. Selena Gomez has been seen wearing metallic blue eyelashes that would be a great look for the holiday season, Christina Aguilera has rocked glittering falsies to add a glam vibe to her ensemble, and Katy Perry looked patriotic in her red, white, and blue lashes once upon a time. Plus, with Chanel's models flaunting an unusual lash look in the house's cruise 2016 collection — falsies worn on the center of the lower lash line — there's never been a better time to experiment with your beauty look.

Here's a selection of festive falsies that will inject some extra glamour into your holiday wardrobe.

1. The Snow Princess Style

Eylure Strip Eyelashes Cool as Ice Party Lashes — Snow Princess, $11, feelunique.com

What's the holiday season without a little glitter? Eylure has created a winter-themed "Party" range, which includes an array of false eyelashes that Princess Elsa would adore. This particular pair is caressed with iridescent flakes suitable for a snow princess.

2. The Holiday Colored Gems

Holiday Eye Lights — Festive Red & Green Swarovski Crystal Eyelashes, $8, Etsy

You're certain to look eye-catching this season by wearing a pair of bejeweled falsies featuring green and red gems. These lashes are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

3. The Santa Baby Lashes

Rubies Costumes Women's Fake Eyelashes, $14, eBay

When I look at these lashes, I can't help but imagine the Plastics wearing them to go with their cute Santa outfits in that rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock." If you're wearing a Santa-themed ensemble, make sure to sport these red and silver falsies with it.

4. The Ice Queen Eyelashes

1.5cm False Eyelashes, $12, etsy.com

You'll look totally enchanting in a pair of false eyelashes that will give you magical, icy eyes. Princess Elsa would have totally worn these if she had transformed into a full on ice-hearted queen and stayed within the confines of her Kingdom Of Isolation.

5. The Pretty Paper Lashes

Paper False Eyelashes 2 Pairs, $11, DH Gate

These lashes are perfect for huge holiday fans. If you adore PSLs, you already put your holiday decorations up, and you can't stop (and won't stop) listening to Christmas carols, then these are the falsies for you.

6. The Golden Touch

Zinkcolor Gold Feather False Eyelashes, $14, eBay

These golden lashes are dramatically decadent and are sure to add a luxe vibe to any outfit. Pair them with a simple, monochrome outfit and gold jewelry and accessories to let your eyes take center stage this holiday season.

7. A Dash Of Sparkle

Handmade Art Eyelashes, $12, etsy.com

Fans of clean lines will love these stripy, sparkly false eyelashes that are sure to make for a bedazzling beauty look.

8. The Designer Fluffy Falsies

Furry Fantasy Premium False Eyelash, $49, shuuemura-usa.com

These false eyelashes are a brilliant choice for designer-loving ladies who can't afford a huge splurge. If you can't wear fluffy eyelashes at Christmas, then when can you wear them?

9. The Silver Vintage Lashes

Vintage False Eyelashes, $7, etsy.com

Although these lashes are from the 1980s, they look super space age and would be a great pair to wear on New Year's Eve. They also remind me of the residents of Whoville from How The Grinch Stole Christmas .

10. The Frozen Beauties

Eylure Party Lashes — Frozen Beauty, $13, ASOS

Another pair from the wonderful winter-themed Eylure collection is the "Frozen Beauty" falsies. This set features iridescent ribbons that are reminiscent of icicles or party decorations.

11. The Phenomenal Holiday Set

Velour Silk Lashes Holiday Edition Lash Book, $250, Sephora

If money is no object or you like to invest in your beauty products, this incredible set of lashes will see you through every festive occasion. Need a natural set for dinner? Check. A pretty pair for a hot date? Got it. A set of full-on fabulous falsies? They're in the bag.

So ramp up the glam and have a super fun festive season in some holiday-themed falsies.

Images: Courtesy Brands