Are You The Arya Stark Of Your Squad?

Resiliency, survival instincts, and an innate ability to adapt all make Arya Stark Game of Thrones ' strongest character. Arya's childhood was snatched away from her far too soon and she has had to learn how to take care of herself at any cost. This has made Arya hard and deadly. To quote Shakespeare, "though she be but little, she is fierce." If you are the Arya of your friend group then you are both awesome and a tiny bit scary. To embody Arya's wolf-like nature is to not only understand loyalty and discipline, but also a great amount of rage. Even before she became a child of war, Arya knew she was not meant to sew a perfect stitch or follow society's rules regarding what a woman is supposed to do. That kind of self-assurance is rare, and if you have it, you should count yourself among the lucky ones.

So, what does it mean to be like Arya in the real world? Well, there is way less stabbing with swords and more wielding of words for starters. If you are anything like Arya, your friends follow where you lead and you can strike fear in the hearts of bullies with a sharp look. If you still suspect you are the Arya of your group then read on to see if you truly are like the fiercest of all the Starks.

1. You Refuse To Conform To Out-Dated Gender Ideas

Growing up, people were always quick to label you. Just because you preferred sports over dolls, they called you a "tomboy" and it drove you nuts. Now that you are older you are quick to remind people that your gender does not decide your interests, tastes, or personality.

2. Your Friends Naturally Look To You As The Leader

Whenever plans need to be made or proverbial castles need to be stormed, your friends look to you to lead the charge. You can be the youngest person in the room and everyone still follows your lead.

3. You Don't Trust Easily

Trust has to be earned with you. It's in your nature to be wary of people's intentions. On the upside, once someone earns your trust they have a friend for life.

4. You Never Give Up On A Project You Care About

Arya may have ditched sewing, but when it came to her "dancing" lessons, she refused to give up. You are the same way. When you decide to learn something, you stick with it until you've mastered your new skill.

5. You Love Your Family More Than Anything Else

Just like Arya, you love your family more than anything else (and you know family doesn't always just mean who you are related to by blood). While you put up a strong front, no matter where you are or what you are doing, your family is always in your heart.

6. You Don't Offer Forgiveness Easily

You may not have a prayer devoted to all the people who have wronged you, but you definitely still give that one person who didn't invite you to their sleepover in seventh grade major side eye every time you run into them.

7. You Are An Expert At Flying Under The Radar

Your friends are used to you dropping off the map. Sometimes you just need to disappear into the crowd and try out being someone else for awhile. They trust that you will always come back before long though.

8. You Say Exactly What Is On Your Mind

Not one to keep quiet, you have a way of being painfully honest with everyone around you. It's better to speak the truth than to let your friends do something colossally stupid, right?

9. You Are A Realist

Arya has been through more heartache than any one person should have to endure, and as a result she has become a realist to her core. She doesn't believe in picture perfect happy endings and fairy tales, and neither do you. You know life is hard and the best way to face it is head on.

If you are the Arya of your friend group, then you are a special person. It's not easy being strong all the time, but just like your favorite Stark, you don't have any quit in you.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy (9)