9 Makeup Bags That Double As Holiday Gift Wrap

It can be hard to win your beauty-centric friend's heart around the holidays. To get the right gift, you'll need just the right mix of quirky, practical, and aesthetically pleasing, all in one pretty package. Why stop at normal, disposable wrapping paper that is just going to get tossed out? Makeup bags are the perfect holiday gift-wrap and present all in one. Because let's be honest — it's all about the packaging.

As simple as it may seem, this holiday hack is completely fool-proof. Anyone can seal a book or a pair of shoes in a box, but when you slip them inside an already adorable bag, your wrapping process gets a whole lot easier — plus the gift-wrap doubles as, well, a gift! Who doesn't love giving more presents (and getting them) while saving time?

Every holiday I'm constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to make my budget stretch a little farther, and I realized this is the perfect way to keep all my makeup obsessed friends happy while saving on holiday wrapping. Whether you're looking to give someone a new makeup palette or keep it simple with some jewelry, you can put anything inside a trendy makeup bag. The best part of all is that you can get as personal or simple as you'd like, so instead of shopping for the perfect gift wrap that will just get thrown out, opt for something that he or she can actually use!

1. For The Minimalist

West 57th Cosmetic Case, $35, Henri Bendel

If you're looking to wrap something tiny, say like a bottle of perfume or some cute socks, then this simple and modern makeup bag is the one for you.

2. For The Artist

Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Makeup Bag, $45, 6pm

There's always that one friend who stumps you with her historical knowledge and eye for art, and this bag is the perfect way to meet her in the middle.

3. For The Girl Who Owns Everything

Photo Cosmetic Bag, $15, Personal Creations

Odds are that even your friend who has everything doesn't have a makeup bag with a personalized photo on it.

4. For The Friend You Bought Too Much

Cosmetic Train Case, $20, Kohls

This bag is just the right size to hold the hodge podge of gifts that you've been finding all over the place. It ties everything together with one slide of a zipper.

5. For The Fashionista

Anna Wintour Makeup Pouch, $30, Always Fit

It's the perfect packaging for your fashion lover friend. The company also has President Obama, Kim Kardashian, and Amy Poehler bags as well.

6. For The Disney Lover

Alice In Wonderland Makeup Bag, $98, Marc Jacobs

This bag is all about Alice in Wonderland, but there's a makeup bag out there for every Disney lover in a variety of shapes and sizes.

7. For The Best Friend

Wedding Belles Iris, $60, Kate Spade

How adorable than this! There's no better way to tell your best friend that you appreciate her.

8. For The Neat Freak

Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer, $48, Macy's

Who says the packaging needs to be a bag? An organizer works just as perfectly for all those who like to keep things super functional.

9. For The Quirky Pal

Cat Makeup Bag, $18, ASOS

Keep it cute for the friend who loves out-of-the-box gifts. It won't matter what you put inside because she'll have all eyes on the packaging.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (9)