Is Sephora Cyber Monday Sold Out? Not Yet, But You Better Hurry

Happy Cyber Monday, all you online shoppers and makeup lovers. You are undoubtedly well aware of Sephora's Cyber Monday deals, which offer crazy deep discounts and amazing value on extensive makeup kits by prestige brands. The makeup mecca is selling jam-packed limited edition, online-only sets intended for gifting, but I wouldn't judge or blame you if you pocketed some for yourself. The question of the day: Is Sephora Cyber Monday already sold out?

Well, that depends on when and how quickly you shop and what, exactly, you are looking for. As of 9:15 on Monday morning, there are lots of limited edition items still readily available for you to purchase. But heed this warning: Do not delay. Get to it, as most will not last.

Personally, I'm totally drooling over several options in the Sephora Cyber Monday bonanza. I'm eyeing the Urban Decay Naked Vault II and the brand's Eye Shadow Vault, as well as the Too Faced Ultimate Chocolate Box.

I also have a rampant crush on Bite Beauty's The Lip Lab Limited Release Crème Deluxe Lipstick Set, which carries a $298 price tag but is a $432 value. That's because the lipsticks were crafted in small batches and in limited edition shades, making them the equivalent of couture in your lip product wardrobe.

Isn't it gorgeous?! Hell yes it is!

As of 9:15 a.m. ET, the Naked Vault II was not in stock, but I could not fully discern if it was already totally sold out or if it was not placed on sale just yet. That's probably just my wishful thinking. I know several people who had this item on their "must get" gift list. But it seems that it's already gone, baby, gone.

Considering that the Naked Vault II sold out quickly on its initial run earlier this fall, it was a foregone conclusion that it would be one of the quickest items to fly off the cyber shelves. So maybe keep hitting refresh on that one. I know I am! You never know...

Other "faves" that are still available for purchase include the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Collector's Palette, which has a $714 value but retails for just $280. That makes it quite a steal, thanks to the tons of color options and combos it creates. It's a constantly renewable sources that shakes out to pennies per use if you utilize it daily.

The über luxe YSL Iconic Lip Wardrobe is as chic as it gets, on your pout, on your vanity, and in your makeup bag. It's selling for $250, but it's a $448 value. Again, that ends up being a steal and it's YSL! There need not be any further justification. I get it!

Good luck and hurry up and do your Cyber Monday shopping for your makeup-loving loved ones, as well as yourself. These sets are not going to last.

Images: Sephora/Instagram