Kylie Jenner's Words About Caitlyn Are Important

As usual, Kylie Jenner has people talking. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family constantly makes headlines about everything from her lips to her love life. In an upcoming interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the 18-year-old sets the record straight. Not only does Jenner clear up any Tyga breakup rumors, but she talks about her relationship with her parent, Caitlyn Jenner. On the episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs Monday, the reality star talks about how life has changed since Caitlyn's very public transition. While the public may have mixed feelings about Kylie Jenner and the rest of her famous fam, she's still an incredibly influential teen (just ask TIME magazine!) and her words have power. Here's what Kylie Jenner said about dealing with Caitlyn's transition:

I don't bottle in a lot of things and I feel like my family was a little upset about that, but I got through it and now I almost I like it a lot better, honestly. I like [Caitlyn] better than Bruce.

Before you critique her for comparing the two, she went on to say that not only can they bond over makeup, but there's no longer a "huge secret in the family." That last part isn't superficial at all. In fact, she's inspired by Caitlyn being her "true authentic self." The teen says, "I think that's so awesome and I think that other girls and boys my age will maybe see that I'm so accepting and be accepting of other people, too." Yes! This statement is so important. There's nothing better than embracing your true self and accepting others for who they are.

As someone who has more than 43 million followers on Instagram and 12.6 million on Twitter, Kylie Jenner has a humongous platform. That's why, whether you like it or not, what she says does matter. It's great to see her spreading such a positive message of acceptance, especially since she hopes it influences her fans to become more openminded as well. Now that shows some serious self-awareness.

Promoting acceptance isn't the only way the youngest Jenner is impacting her fans. She stared an anti-bullying campaign on Instagram called #IAmMoreThan, and she talked to DeGeneres about that as well. Sharing even more wise words, Jenner said,

I've been bullied my whole life, whether it was about my peers or comments on Instagram or Twitter, whatever. And I never talked about my story really, I feel like I've kind of accepted it because I realized that just comes with the territory. So I kind of was online and just finding other girls and boys my age who have been bullied and have kind of overcome it and just done something amazing with it who inspire me, so I kind of wanted them to just use my platform and post their stories on Instagram to hopefully inspire my followers too because they inspire me so much.

It's comments like this that prove Jenner isn't superficial, despite what people may think. She really is harnessing her power and using it for social good. Want to hear Jenner's wisdom firsthand? Here's a clip from her interview with Ellen DeGeneres:

Despite what haters may say, Jenner's words are important. Props to her for promoting worthwhile messages of positivity and acceptance!