7 Questions The 'Below Deck' Reunion Needs To Answer Before Season 3 Sails Off Into The Night

Who else is super psyched that Below Deck Season 3 finally brought the type of reunion that the show has always deserved? The crew has come a long way from reuniting in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse and actually got to film in a fancy-pants studio location. It's even getting the coveted two-parter treatment. Let's be honest here, that proves that Below Deck has officially arrived. Part one of the reunion special certainly gave fans bucket loads of drama and intrigue, but it also left us with a few burning questions that have yet to be addressed. That's why part two of the Below Deck reunion needs to answer these remaining inquiries.

Everyone that really matters made an appearance, but I actually kind of missed Chef Leon and Dane, who didn't rehash their embarrassments on television again. Part one of the reunion mainly just gave us a taste of the delicious ridiculousness from the season. We got a quick accusation against Kate for allegedly drinking wine during charter, and it looked like Rocky and Eddie were about to throw down about all of their laundry room shenanigans, but then we were denied the truly gory details in favor of talking about Connie being a really good deckhand. Snore. Luckily, it looks like part two will be rife with the dramz. Here's what burning topics needs to addressed on Tuesday night.

1. Does Emile Really Wish He Was Ugly?

I mean, come on. Emile made some comment about how tough the world is for pretty people because "omg we aren't taken seriously." He then compounded on his own absurdity by suggesting that sometimes he wishes he was ugly. For real? Does he really not know how ridiculous that statement was? Does he actually wish he was ugly? Honestly, I need more crazy Emile narcissism, so someone needs to bring this up at the reunion.

2. Does Rocky Have Secret Romantic Powers?

How does she manage to cast a spell on every man who crosses her path while also using the word "homie" with such frequency? Almost every new guy became enamored by her within four seconds, whether they were single or not. I just need them to go into that further during part two of the reunion, because I feel like it may be some type of cosmic magic that only Rocky possesses.

3. Was Eddie's Girlfriend There?

Was she in the audience? Are they even together? He sure slowed his roll right down when Rocky started throwing jabs. As soon as she asked if his girlfriend was there and mentioned that she wanted to chat with her, Eddie suddenly clammed up and the subject was quickly changed. I need to know if Eddie's girlfriend was fuming offstage somewhere while all that went down!

4. Was There Any Hanky Panky Between Ben & Kate?

We know that they had an on and off thing before, but when Ben arrived on the ship after Leon's exit...did they pick up where they left off at all? They flirted like crazy and Kate melted around him, but that was all we saw on Season 3. Maybe the second half of the reunion can reveal if their flirting progressed at all when the cameras stopped rolling.

5. What Is Rocky's Culinary Philosophy?

It was mentioned that Rocky was a culinary student and that's the reason she was thrown into the chef's position so quickly when the culinary poo hit the fan. After watching her undercook chicken and put grenadine on oysters (I still have no words for that), I need some more details about her culinary ideas. According to Bravo, she attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, but I have a feeling that oyster concoction was something she came up with all on her own, and I'd like to hear about her culinary ideas in her own words.

6. Did Eddie Forget He Was Filming Below Deck This Season?

This one killed me. Watching Eddie deny hooking up with Rocky over and over again was ridiculous. How did he not consider the fact that there are cameras following them around 24/7? Did he actually have a plan? What was the mindset there? I am so curious to hear how he thought that was going to end in his favor.

7. What Are The Bounds Of Captain Lee's Sass?

I absolutely adored seeing Captain Lee get super sassy. He wouldn't let anyone get way with any BS during part one of the reunion. He shut people down and called them out like a pro. I loved it. Will he continue to blow up his crew's spots on Tuesday night? I sure hope so! I need to hear more gems like, "when you get caught with your t*t in the ringer, guess what? It's because you put it there."

Let's hope that even more burning questions are addressed when part two of the Below Deck reunion airs on Tuesday night.

Images: Denis Contreras (4), Paul Drinkwater (3), Virginia Sherwood/Bravo