What Can We Expect From 'I Saw The Light'?

Any news regarding Tom Hiddleston is important news as far as I'm concerned. So the release of a new trailer for Hiddleston's upcoming biopic of Hank Williams, I Saw The Light, on Tuesday is an exciting time for Hiddleston lovers everywhere. And, y'know, Hank Williams fans too. But, priorities, people! There's been a lot of excitement regarding the movie, with some critics calling this the role that might win Tom Hiddleston an Oscar (although the change of its release date will make the movie ineligible for next year's Oscars). With a trailer reminiscent of Walk The Line, it's exciting to see Hiddleston take on a singing role, as well as playing the lead in a biopic. He deserves the level of recognition this will bring him. And, going by the trailer, the movie is going to be totally emotional too.

Documenting the tumultuous life of Hank Williams, I Saw The Light tells the story of his rise to fame, and the demons he faced once he became successful. Faced with temptations such as alcohol, drugs, and women, in the trailer we see the musician grapple with his fame while juggling a family life. Hiddleston's wife in the movie is played by Elizabeth Olsen, his rumored IRL girlfriend, who challenges his drinking and on tour behaviour, while raising their children. What else can we expect from I Saw The Light?

1. Tom Hiddleston Will Wear A Lot Of Hats

If you like Tom Hiddleston and you like hats, then this is the movie for you.

2. Hiddleston Will Show Off His Dance Moves & Singing Skills

Just look at Hiddleston in the cutest white cowboy outfit doing a little dance and tell me you're not melting inside. Liar.

3. It's A Love Story

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen showcase their chemistry in the shortest of trailer clips, so it'll be exciting to see them falling in love on screen when the movie comes out.

4. But Not Everything Will Go To Plan

"Marriage is tough on marriage," claims the trailer. There's going to be some heartbreak, and our lovers might not end up together.

5. Hiddleston Will Flirt

In the trailer, Hank Williams can't resist the charms of women he meets on tour.

6. Hiddleston Will Drink

Surrounded by temptations, and struggling to deal with the level of fame he achieves, Hank Williams has several vices.

7. The Drama Could Get Violent

The sound of a gunshot in the trailer hints that the plot could go in a dark direction.

8. Hiddleston Will Look Very Sad

There will be Hiddleston tears aplenty. I wonder if there's a way to bottle those bad boys?

9. There Will Be Horses

Like this one!

10. Elizabeth Olsen Will Watch Tom Hiddleston Sleep

And you'll wish you were her the entire time.

11. Hiddleston Will Give A Legendary Performance

Finally, Tom Hiddleston will have a chance to showcase his many talents in one movie. I can't wait to see I Saw The Light, even though I know I'll cry buckets! It's due out March 2016, so it's time to play the waiting game by watching the trailer a million more times before then. Watch it in full below.

Images: Sony Pictures Classics; moviemaniacsDE/YouTube