15 Hilarious Onesies To Keep You Toasty

A few years ago I had no idea what onesies where. In fact, I thought they were something you dressed infants in. Little did I know that in the years to come, onesies of all styles, including novelty style adult onesies would be everywhere.

It was Christmas when I first discovered onesies were a thing. My mom had received a cow print onesie as a gift from a friend and she let me try it on for a laugh. As soon as I slipped into that heavenly garment, I fell in love. What was this super comfortable, pajama style piece of clothing that you could get away with wearing from morning until night, without someone asking you to get changed into real clothes? I kept it on for hours and when my mom saw how much I liked it and how well it fit me (I'm a little shorter than her), she told me I could keep it. To this day I still have that onesie folded in my closet and I bring it out winter upon winter to keep me nice and toasty when it's cold out.

Over the years onesies have become increasingly popular. Celebs like Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid wear onesies and showed theirs off in style on Instagram and J. Crew tried to popularize professional style onesies. So here's to all my gals out there who adore onesies and don't mind looking a little silly.

1. The Care Bears Style

Teddy Bear Onesie, $65, topshop.com

How adorable is this teddy bear style onesie? Not only is it a sweet powder blue color but it also features a little bear face on the hood, so you can pretend to be a Care Bear IRL.

2. The Unicorn

Asos Curve Unicorn Onesie, $72, asos.com

One of my goals in life is to be a unicorn, but as I haven't started developing magical powers or growing a horn just yet, I'd best stick with a unicorn onesie instead. This style is available in straight sizes, plus sizes, and petite sizes so we can all get together and pretend to be a herd of enchanting equine.

3. The Totoro Onesie

Totoro Inspired Onesie, $91.95, etsy.com

Fans of Studio Ghibli will worship this onesie inspired by My Neighbor Totoro. In fact, even if you haven't seen the movie, this Totoro hoodie looks quirky and super inviting.

4. The Fluffy Bunny

Sophie Fluffy Bunny, $26, boohoo.com

Doesn't this cute bunny onesie remind you of when Chandler dressed up as a bunny for Halloween? You can look cute and nail those Friends references girl!

5. The Self-Obsessed Style

Simply Yours Hooded Onesie, $36.99, simplybe.com

Give yourself a little self love darling and show everyone where your priorities lie in this tongue in cheek onesie.

6. The Spyro Onesie

Adult Animal Onesie (Kigurumi - Cosplay) - Inspired By Spyro The Dragon, $70, etsy.com

Pay homage to a beloved character from one of your favorite '90s video games: Spyro the Dragon. It's so nerdy that it's actually kinda cool.

7. The Flying Squirrel

Unisex Adult Kigurumi Flying Squirrel Pajamas, $16.49 – $36.99, amazon.com

If you're going to dress like a squirrel, you might as well be a flying squirrel. Word of caution: You may look like a real flying squirrel but unfortunately your wing-like membrane doesn't work IRL, so don't go gliding out of trees because you will fall.

8. The Pink Panther

Adult Animal Onesie (Kigurumi - Cosplay) - Pink Panther Inspired, $70, etsy.com

Fancy yourself as a comedic cat? You'll be needing one of these Pink Panther inspired onesies to indulge in cartoony capers in the real world.

9. The Minion

Despicable Me Women's Ladies One Piece Pajama Minion Plus, $29.99 - $40, amazon.com

Transform into a cute Minion but make sure you don't get into any mischief in this characterful onesie.

10. The Little Mouse

Onesie Romper in Cozy Fleece, $45, asos.com

Remain footloose and fancy free in a short style onesie which resembles a little, grey mouse. You'd give Jerry a run for his money in the cute stakes.

11. The Smurf

Adult Animal Onesie (Kigurumi - Cosplay) - Smurf Inspired, $70, etsy.com

Every time I look at this onesie inspired by The Smurfs, I can't help but crack a smile. This onesie would make a seriously great (and easy) fancy dress costume or it would make your friends chuckle at an adult sleepover.

12. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Plus Size Adult Onesie, $43.40, macys.com

Feeling super? Get wrapped up in this awesome Wonder Woman onesie to become the ultimate cozy heroine.

13. The Grinch

MJC Women's Grinch Micro Unionsuit, $24.99, amazon.com

Are you a fan of Dr. Seuss? Or perhaps you loved Jim Carrey's portrayal of the Grinch in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Either way this hilarious onesie, complete with a tuft of green hair, is sure to make your heart triple in size, just like the Grinch's.

14. The Funny Frog

Talia Frog Supersoft Novelty Onesie, $26, boohoo.com

Look at that little, funny face! It's enough to make anyone want to dress up as a fluffy frog.

15. The Festive Reindeer

Reindeer Onesie, $65, topshop.com

Do you sometimes sit at home wishing you could be Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, or Blitzen? Well now you can make believe that you're one of Santa's little helpers in this rather realistic reindeer onesie complete with ears and antlers.

Pop on a punny onesie when the temperature plummets to amuse yourself and stay wonderfully warm.

Images: Courtesy Brands