Emma Roberts Wears Leopard Print Jacket, Is The Queen Of Outerwear — PHOTO

The winter chills have officially descended upon NYC — and who will I be taking style inspiration from? Hint: she's a scream queen by day, master of chic coats by night. Answer: it's Emma Roberts, who recently wore a leopard coat. The actress has been on a sartorial roll lately, starting with her body positive Aerie campaign in August to her impeccable wardrobe as sorority girl Chanel (heavy emphasis on the feather and fur).

Yesterday, Roberts posted the Instagram shot of my dreams: she's sporting a leopard print coat and keeping toasty with a cup of Godiva hot chocolate (for a girl with a sweet tooth and an affinity with all things leopard, this is right up my alley). When the degrees start dropping, it's easy to cop out and embrace "lazy" mode, but let Roberts be your driving motivation to stay both polished and warm.

Investing in a quality winter coat is the first step, but I understand that can be an overwhelming task. Where to even begin? Patterns, material, color, hood or no hood — the styles are truly endless. But before you commence your retail hunt, take inspiration from Roberts herself.

Digging deep into Roberts' Instagram requires much restraint. Without a doubt, she nails outerwear like no other, and these seven looks are just seven more coats I need to add to my closet ASAP.

1. Welcome To The Jungle

As it turns out, Roberts is a fellow leopard print devotee as demonstrated by her multiple coats (the more, the merrier, I say). This season, abandon the mundane black and opt for a wild splash — leopard print is surprisingly versatile and pairs well not only with neutrals, but colorful patterns as well.

2. Shearling Situation

Perhaps leopard is too far on the spectrum for you — in that case, no worries. A cropped leather shearling jacket is equally as tasteful but with an edgy, street style vibe.

3. Power Woman

To say that I worship this ensemble might be an understatement. Leave it to Roberts to completely stun in a sleek, all-white getup. However, I think we can all agree that the main star here is the crisp white coat — a harmonious blend of sophistication and simplicity.

4. Fur Monster

Even on set, Roberts manages to whip out the most covetable outerwear. Freezing mornings will stand no chance against this fur-hooded tweed coat. Bonus points for the matching sleeves.

5. French Connection

When in the City of Lights, it's best to dress in true Parisian fashion. As I learned in my semester abroad, the French dearly love all-black everything — pants, dresses, shoes, coffee. No wonder Roberts took to this heart and opted for a black tweed coat while playing tourist at the Louvre.

6. Black Sheep

Count a fuzzy coat as your closet must-have this season. Not only are they blissfully comfortable, but you'll feel glamorous even in the dead of winter.

7. Singin' In The Rain

Yes, a rubber duck yellow rain coat is necessary. You might be hesitant now, but when the showers start pouring, you'll be forever grateful.

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