19 Things Women Who Spend A Lot Of Money On Clothes Are Sick Of Hearing

I am an avid shopper; and anyone who has something to say about that fact should back off. Frankly, there are too many things women who spend a lot of money on clothes (and likely men or anyone in between who does the same) are sick of hearing. You would think that as grown adults, we'd be free to spend our hard-earned dollars on the finer things in life without being taunted and ridiculed. But alas, that’s hardly the way reality works.

I think my fellow shoppers would agree with me when I say that shopping is just as much a valid pastime as bird-watching or stamp collecting. Everyone has their own thing, and for some (myself included) that thing is fashion. Unfortunately, people are all too quick to share their opinions at times. Whether they call it frivolous, unnecessarily time-consuming, or even vain, it's clear they don’t understand clothes-shopping for what it actually is: An exciting, empowering experience of discovery that allows you to hunt for items that are catered to one’s unique personal expression and style.

So here are 19 things women who spend a lot of money on clothes are likely sick of hearing. Ultimately, not even the meanest comment could stop me from experiencing fashion for myself. But ones such as these can really be a downer when you're trying to enjoy yourself.

1. “Is your life Confessions Of A Shopaholic?"

If you're trying to mock me, friend, then you're missing the mark. This isn't that much of a insult as it is a compliment. Because really, who wouldn't want to be the fierce and fearless Becky Bloomwood?

2. “Did you really need to buy that?”

Did you really need to say that? Nope, I didn't think so.

3. “How do you pay for food?”

It's called budgeting!

4. "How can you afford gas after spending so much money?"

I repeat, it's called budgeting.

5. "How do you make rent?"

Erm, guys. I really don't know how else to say this: I budget myself, dang nabbit.

6. “I bet you shop, like, every day.”

So what if I do? It's my favorite thing in the world. Why wouldn't I do it every day if and when I have the means to do so?

7. “What does your closet look like?

A wonderful galaxy of never-ending gorgeous trinkets that prompts me to break out into singing "My Favorite Things."

8. “Don’t you have that already?"

No. Maybe. Yes. What's it to you?

9. “You should write your own fashion blog."

OK, so this isn't necessarily an insult. But just because I love shopping (and have a fairly large wardrobe) doesn't exactly make me the perfect candidate for a fashion blog. Not all fashion lovers are in this because they're aspiring to sit first row at Paris Fashion Week alongside Chiara Ferragni.

10. “So basically, you live in the mall.”

Well, I would if the department store employees weren't so strict in the linen department...

11. “What's your favorite store?”

If the store has clothes or accessories available to purchase, then it's my favorite store. This question might seem innocent enough, but when asked in a tone that implies it's some sort of test, well, I'd prefer people leave me be.

12. "You could never wear all those clothes."

Is that a challenge? Because if it is, I'd love to show you how I can wear every single piece.

13. "I only buy clothes when I need them."

Please don't get all moral on me.

14. "Are you in credit card debt?"

Please don't assume every person who likes to shop is in debt. You'd be surprised by how great at budgeting many of us really are.

15. "Shopping for clothes is so exhausting."

You mean enjoyable?

16. "I don't know how you do it."

I guess you can just call me your regular old shopping wizard.

17. "How can you stand all the people?"

Those people at the mall, in stores, anywhere you can buy things? Those are my people.

18. "Shopping is such a waste of time."

I'm sorry, would you call anyone else's passion a "waste of time?" Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's invalid.

19. "Why do you buy so many clothes?"

I hate you. Nah, but in all seriousness, fashion can change the world. I mean, it has changed the world. Don't underestimate it — or what my love for it might mean.

At the end of the day, most humans like to spend their hard-earned money on things that they enjoy. Just because those things happen to be clothes and accessories for some of us doesn't mean we are vapid or credit card crazy.

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