15 Whimsical Holiday Hair Accessories That Won't Break The Bank

Deciding what to wear during the holiday season can be very tricky, especially if you're on a tight budget, so why not add a little cheer with holiday themed hair accessories? There are so many things to fork out for in the festive season and even the most well-oiled budgeting can sometimes go awry.

Little things seem to add up such as gifts you forgot to buy, new formal shoes you remembered you needed, and buffet food you promised your mom you'd chip in with. There can also be those little holiday mishaps which arise such as spilling a glass of red on your aunt's favorite top, losing your mascara on a night out, or chocolates you need to replace after you raided the family stash. These may or may not apply to me personally.

Therefore you may need to find alternative, thriftier ways to bring some stylish holiday spirit to your outfits and IMO, there's no better way than wearing gorgeous festive inspired hair accessories. Celebrities appear to be spreading the joy of the holidays too with their holiday themed hair accessories. Sofia Vergara wore a sparkling hair accessory to her winter wedding, Elizabeth Banks wore a decadent hair net to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 premiere, and Crystal Renn wore a glam star hair accessory to a Chanel dinner back in October 2014.

So sprinkle a little holiday cheer into your wardrobe with holiday themed hair accessories this season.

1. The Scarlet Poinsettia Crown

Red Poinsettia Flower Half Crown, $4, Claires

The poinsettia is a classic Christmassy flower so it makes total sense to wear a wintery flower crown featuring this eye-catching bloom.

2. The Subtle Star Headband

Contemporary Star-Charmed Headband, $4, Fo rever 21

If you prefer a subtle sparkle this holiday season, you'll need a shimmering star headband such as this modest style.

3. The Wreath Of Holly Crown

Holly Berry & Rose Crown, $24, Etsy

Holly is another plant which possesses major festive vibes. This particular crown, with a choice of accents of red or burgundy is winning in the holiday spirit style stakes.

4. The Jingle Bell Headband

Red And Green Jingle Bells Headband, $5, Claires

Jingle all the way at your next holiday event in this cute headband featuring little bells.

5. The Golden Bow

Faux Leather Bow Barrette, $3, Forever 21

For a touch of feminine chic, try a metallic bow barrette such as this golden design. It's also available in silver if gold isn't your color.

6. The Tinsel Headband

Star Tinsel Headband, Approx $15, Crown and Glory

You may be decorating your tree soon, but don't forget to decorate yourself! This whimsical tinsel headband is a fun way to flaunt your unique style throughout the holidays.

7. The Gift Bow Headband

Red Gift Bow Headband, $5, Claires

Transform yourself into a present this year and poke fun at festive fashion with this eccentric headband.

8. The Glittering Holly Clip

Glitter Holly Hair Clip, Approx. $8, Crown and Glory

Deck your hair with boughs of holly! Especially sparkly holly.

9. The Mistletoe Comb

Mistletoe Hair Comb, $34, Etsy

This quirky hair comb features Swarovski pearls and has a retro feel as if it harks from another era. The bonus with having mistletoe to hand is that you can request a smooch whenever you fancy it!

10. The Snowflake Slides

Snowflake Christmas Hair, $19, Etsy

Pretend to be Princess Elsa as your hair twinkles and gleams with snowflake slides.

11. The White Berry Crown

White Berry Crown, $27, Etsy

This white, leafy crown with red berries reminds me of something the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia movies might wear. It would also make a wonderful addition to a bride's attire for a winter wedding.

12. The Shooting Star Barrette

Shooting Star Barrette, $12, Crown and Glory

Make your friends and family go starry eyed this holiday when you wear a stunning silver or gold shooting star barrette.

13. The Halo Headband

Elbie Crown Headband In "Gold," $53, Crown and Glory

Channel the angel or fairy on the top of your tree in this gorgeous halo-esque, glittering headband.

14. The Holiday Hat

Christmas Mini Hat, $59, Etsy

Technically this is a miniature hat, although it's a miniature hat that comes on a headband. This would be a wonderful edition to any winter wear you're planning on rocking during the party season.

15. The Angel Feather Headband

Neve & Eve Faux Fur Statement Headband, $18, Johnny-Loves-Rosie

For an elegant flourish, wear a faux fur hair accessory in white for some majorly angelic vibes. Just be sure to live up to your reputation or you might be put on Santa's naughty list.

Enjoy the festive season in style without breaking the bank in holiday themed hair accessories.

Images: Courtesy Brands