'How To Get Away With Murder' Deserves To Win Big At The Golden Globes & This Could Be Their Year

How To Get Away With Murder has been a breakout success since it started in Sep. 2014, and it just keeps getting better and better. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that How To Get Away With Murder deserves a Golden Globe. With awards season fast approaching, it's the optimal time to look back at all the shows that have hit it big in 2015 so far. It's fun to hazard a guess at what might be nominated, or place serious bets with your friends, if only so you can scream "I TOLD YOU SO!" come nomination day. And, with the Golden Globe nominations being announced on 10 Dec. 2015, How To Get Away With Murder is the horse to bet your money on.

A now crucial part of the Shondaland stable of shows at ABC, How To Get Away With Murder continues to surprise its audience with a complicated, twisty plot, and characters that are both loveable and shady at the same time. The same way that Scandal isn't afraid of examining the truly dark under layers of life, How To Get Away With Murder mixes a "court case of the week" with mysteries involving its own protagonists. Because we're rooting for the characters to succeed, we're totally devastated when they inevitably do something awful or, dare I say it, die.

Shonda Rhimes is known for her gratuitous, sudden and shocking deaths. How To Get Away With Murder is no exception to this Shondaland rule, and continues to tease us with the potential deaths of its lead characters. This suspense is one of the reasons How To Get Away With Murder deserves to win big at the Golden Globes 2016.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Viola Davis was previously nominated for a Golden Globe in the category for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series. It's possible that this could be her year at the Globes. As the show's lead, Davis has fast become one of the most exciting actresses on TV. Considering her impressive career to date, including two Academy Award nominations, the audience of How To Get Away With Murder are incredibly lucky to have her. She's every bit as fierce as Olivia Pope, while also being vulnerable, complicated and nuanced.

Another reason that How To Get Away With Murder could win big at the Globes is that Shondaland is committed to making shows that represent real life, which includes integrating the most important issues many of us face in our daily lives, such as feminism, racism, ageism, and sexism. The fact the Shonda Rhimes is so outspoken about the importance of creating television which is a true reflection of day-to-day life is so refreshing. She understands her audience better than anyone. OK, so most of us are involved in a lot less murder plots than the cast of this show, but in terms of relationships and character developments, everything is spot on.

Any of the Shondaland shows could clean up this awards season. The fact that How To Get Away With Murder keeps reinventing itself, with new murder plots, more secrets, and surprising characters, might just make it stand out for voters this year.

Image: ABC