Annalise Didn't Have A Good 'HTGAWM' Premiere

So, what a first episode of How To Get Away With Murder Season 2, huh? We discovered Bonnie killed Rebecca, but that honestly wasn't even the most important part of the premiere. It was those last couple of minutes that really got everyone riled up. I'm talking about the scene of Annalise possibly being shot by Wes and left for dead. I mean, she certainly wasn't in good shape when we saw her — so should we be worried? In the final few moments of premiere, we saw the show jump ahead two months to a mansion where a gunshot is heard. Wes is then shown leaving the premises and we see that Annalise is laying on the floor of the house, bleeding quite a bit. So, will Annalise die on HTGAWM? I sure hope not.

Logic tells me she won't because Viola Davis just won an Emmy for this role, and kicking an award-winning actress off a show that's just beginning is a huge mistake. But, logic also tells me that Viola Davis asked for a shorter Season 2 so she could do other projects. Will she end up leaving the show to pursue something bigger in the future?

And then, there's the fact that this is a Shondaland show and Shonda Rhimes doesn't give a darn about killing beloved characters. Just look at Grey's Anatomy and Derek Shepherd for proof of that, guys. Rhimes isn't afraid to kill a major player for the sake of the story.

But, I think it's telling that Annalise's cliffhanger was left open-ended. Unlike the Sam-is-dead shocker from Season 1, Annalise is still very much alive. Gunshot wounds are dangerous, but if she can somehow make it to a hospital before she bleeds to death, she'll have a fighting chance. I'm not so much worried that Annalise will die, as I am concerned that Wes might have tried to kill her. What on earth went wrong in their relationship that he potentially jumped to that level? Only time (and watching the rest of the season) will tell.

This season is only just beginning, but I already have so many questions. If you're also having a hard time remember all the jam-packed action, check out this (drunk) Bustle recap of Season 1:

Image: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC