Manchester Metropolitan University Lets Students Study Pizza, Because The World Loves Us And Our Fondness For Cheese

There are a lot of strange and wonderful things to study in college, but this might be the best: Manchester Metropolitan University will let its students study pizza — or rather, study the management of a pizza. 1,500 students will get the chance to have apprenticeships at Pizza Hut, where they will learn skills ranging from food production to financial analysis. But most importantly, they get to study pizza. As someone who spent her college years trying out various deep dish joints in Chicago and ranking every pizza place within delivery distance of my apartment, I never knew us pizza aficionados could aspire so high.

The UK university, in partnership with Pizza Hut, will run the program for at least the next five years. Pizza Hut says they look forward to teaching students all about the ins and outs of the industry, and giving them the skills they need to succeed.

"Over the next few years we will work hard to provide our apprentices and team members with the best training and development so that we can equip them with skills for life, not just for working in a restaurant," Kathryn Austin, director of HR and marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants told Manchester Evening News. "I would encourage more businesses to take the lead from companies like Pizza Hut Restaurants to start or expand their apprenticeship programs."​

Sounds delicious to me.

The apprenticeships will involve students from all skill levels, with some studying at the university while others will study at Pizza Hut itself. Either way, getting an education in pizza sounds delicious, no matter how you slice it. (Pun intended).

Now if only they would export this program to the United States. I know there are pizza lovers on this side of the Atlantic who would love to get in on the cheesy goodness. After all, we have pizza clothes, pizza burritos, even pizza cupcakes, if you can believe it — isn't it about time we had a pizza major?

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