What The 10 Most Popular Tweets Of 2015 Tell You About The Year

The time has come for 2015 to end. The year has been marked by tragedies, triumphs, and more celebrity news than any one person can process. Luckily, Twitter has been keeping up with the headlines, people, and the tweets that defined 2015: Twitter shared the top 10 tweets of the year with Bustle, and the results are fascinating. Each tweet is a reminder of the roller coaster ride that was 2015 — and from the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner to huge One Direction news, this was a year where celebrities and progressive movements were front and center in the minds of Twitter users.

Some of the top tweets are bound to surprise you. From poignant last words to a triumphant moment celebrated around the world, the top 10 tweets have a little bit of everything and a whole lot of One Direction. Are you ready to take a look back at the year that was? The top 10 tweets are a virtual time capsule representing the people that got the world talking, the events that left their mark on the cultural landscape, and the most important message everyone needed to hear from the most unlikely source in a year so full of tragedies. Read on to find out what the top 10 tweets of 2015 say about the year that was.

1. Zayn Malik's One Direction Exit Left Fans Reeling

Whether you are a One Direction fan or not, the band's presence in social media is undeniable. When Zayn Malik announced he was leaving the band, his former bandmate Harry Styles offered a message of love to the fans, and the fans responded by retweeting and favoriting his tweet more than 700,000 times. In 2015, One Direction made it clear they were here to stay no matter what.

2. Malik Still Loves One Direction & 1D Fans Still Love Malik

Coming in second only to Styles' reassurance, Malik's tweet of support to his former bandmates left 1D fans swooning and tweeting. A lot.

3. The Five Year Anniversary Of One Direction Was A Big Deal

As you can tell, One Direction owned the Twitterverse in 2015. Between Malik's exit and the band's five-year anniversary, One Direction was a major part of the pop culture conversation.

4. Love Wins & President Obama Celebrates

The long march toward marriage equality took a giant leap forward in June when gay and lesbian couples' right to marry was finally acknowledged by the United States. While many Americans acknowledged the moment for the triumph of love that it was, the ruling also revealed once more just how deeply the nation is divided.

5. Louis Tomlinson Shares His Love For 1D Fans

Yes, even more One Direction love. The band's popularity only seemed to grow in 2015.

6. King Salman Is Crowned King Of Saudi Arabia

The turmoil in the Middle East has remained in the news throughout the year, and early on one monumental moment was the crowning of King Salman in January. King Salman's first message was one of prayer and support for his people, but the year that followed left the new king dogged by mass fatalities at a time that was meant for religious worship, a controversial war on Yemen, and a failing economy. While Syria has been the primary focus for news outlets, unrest has been rippling throughout the Middle East.

7. Niall Horan Tweets Birthday Message To Liam Payne

That's right, every member of One Direction had a tweet land in the top 10. This year belonged to One Direction in a major way.

8. Kanye West Urges Everyone To Live Life To The Fullest

Less than a month after announcing his intentions for a presidential run in 2020 at the VMAs, West offered the world a tweet of inspiration. While many scoffed at West's presidential bid, in a year full of so much upheaval his simple, but powerful message on living life to the fullest struck a chord.

9. Leonard Nimoy Tweets Poignant Last Message

Nimoy passed into legend in 2015 when the great Star Trek actor, activist, and feminist passed away. His final tweet was one befitting a man who was always known for his eloquence. In his death, fans from every corner of his work came together to celebrate a life well lived, while Twitter illustrated a new way for last words to become instantly immortal.

10. Caitlyn Jenner Introduces Herself To The World

Discussions surrounding transgender rights came to the forefront in 2015, and no one did more to increase visibility of the community than Jenner. Her first tweet to the world was just the beginning of a year that found Jenner becoming a catalyst for change as the world followed her journey via I Am Cait and social media.

The top tweets of 2015 showcase the public figures, movements, and global concerns of the world. From increasing advocacy for LGBT rights to West's simple message meant to inspire, messages of hope, love, and change reigned supreme — and 1D fans let the world know no one is going to put them in a corner.